Monday, April 24, 2017

The Remnants of "I'm Bored"

The Monday morning shuffle begins and while I am in between batches of children getting ready and getting out the door I come across all the piles of the "I'm Bored" moments of the weekend.  This time I grabbed my phone to capture the piles of creativity.

I have become accustomed and very comfortable with the typical comment of "I'm bored".   Every mom I think can relate to this.  It is when they come inside and throw their lifeless bodies on the kitchen floor or across the table and take the deep breath, sigh with what sounds like exhaustion and use the phrase."mom..I'm so bored".  The voice even takes on a tone of pain or discomfort.  Such a painful feeling for a young, over entertained 8 year old (insert lots of sarcasm here).  I have used many responses over the years to combat this comment.  I offer toilet cleaning or bedroom clean up as an alternative and never get a response that is positive.  I used to get mad at the phase as it made me think of spoiled, over indulged children who were somehow ungrateful for all that I do for them.  I still think of that but I also take some responsibility for the phrase.  I am the one who keeps their schedules busy with sports or activities.  I am the enabler of play dates, outings and places to go.  I have finally become comfortable with boredom and I think it is a good thing.  My approach has completely changed as batch #3 of little people are making their way.

I would be lying if I didn't admit that I look forward to the phrase now.  When I hear this phrase now it takes on a whole new meaning to me.  It means that the kids have been home long enough to where they are free enough to have to dig inside their little bodies and come up with something to do on their own.  There are no orders being barked at them to change their clothes, do their homework or time for...something.  No adult to facilitate a craft or activity and no electronic to keep them in a coma state on the couch.  It has taken some practice on both of our parts but the results have been all that I have wanted and more.  It is also a time for me to work in the kitchen and get some of my stuff done.  Days like these require very minimal from me.  I provide light snacks at the kitchen table per their request as they transition from idea to idea.  I also am the monitor of the electronics and make sure they stay at 100% charge (aka..not used) I do not participate in any of the play as this is all about them and what they decide to do to keep them busy.

All of my amazon deliveries come in all sizes of boxes and they are a hot commodity during the "I'm Bored" time.  I find a pile of box pieces, scissors, glue and tape and markers in different rooms of the house.  They made a shadowbox type creation of their own hockey rink the other day.  I love the tape on the carpet floor in the basement to show the goalie area or the tape paths that make their roads to play with their cars.  The tape belongs to their older brothers for taping hockey sticks but I am willing to purchase more for their creativity.  They spend time in the bathroom trying to float their handmade boat creations that they make out of straws and duct tape.  Yes I will buy more duct tape for this kind of work too.  They will pull out the old trucks and take them outside and build ramps in the dirt.  Not even a sand box but just an area with no grass.  I head into the woods to get a picture of the campfire they made all with places to sit.  This is a direct copy of the big fire pit in the yard but it is the one that they made.  There are piles of stuff in the woods that include some trash or bushes, sticks and stuff from the garage that they have collected and made into a so called fort.  They tell me about how high they go up the trees deeper in the woods and how they climb across a board and it protects them from the animals in the forest.  I think...sweet keep creating.  They ask to go out into the forest when it is raining.  Yep ..go ahead and have fun.

This will not last long as they will soon grow out of some of this creativity but until then I will continue to rub my hands together and hope for my new favorite phrase of "I'm Bored".

Trucks and Ramps

Collection of Stuff for a fort

The firepit with seating for friends

The goalie area for mini sticks

Boxes ready for a creation

Monday, April 3, 2017

Twins..a Single and Then Holy Triplets!!!!!!

Long ago are the days where the hours go by slow and the feeling that the dinner hour will never end and bedtime seems so so far away.  The whining and the crying from a cranky toddler because a nap that was cut short due to the Fed Ex man ringing the doorbell.   The endless time spent cleaning up small toys and putting puzzle pieces in their spots and the endless sorting of games that all have the wrong parts in them.  I always say, the bigger the kid...the bigger the problems.

We spent this past week with what I would call a pause week.  The week that happens only in the spring for us when the sport season ends and the gap before the the next one starts.  I made dinner all week and none of the meals had to be mobile friendly.  No wraps or buns required.  The kids spent some time playing outside and I was able to spend my evenings at home rather than in my car.

I feel like I am in constant alert mode.  Always asking myself if I have forgotten anything.  I will often wake up in the morning with the same reoccurring dream.  It is mostly a dream that makes me wake up thinking I was supposed to be taking some sort of pill everyday and I keep forgetting to take it.  I parlay that dream into my life and my sub conscious thinking I am forgetting something.  I spend my spare moments scrolling through my google calendar looking at the upcoming activities.  I will often look ahead far enough to find an evening that has nothing listed.  Maybe a date night or a time to make a call to that couple that we haven't gotten together with in awhile.

This week brings a spring break for half of the bunch and then we will proceed full speed into spring chaos.  The triplets minus 1 are playing hockey.  Finn retired his career in hockey after this past season.  He would rather play with Lego's and build stuff.  Colin and Declan are full speed ahead and are doing the spring league with Birmingham.  The triplets (all 3) are also participating in baseball.  They are on a team with many of their school friends and I think this season will prove to be fun for both kids and parents.  Mairin has ventured out and is trying out track.  We get up extra early every morning to get her to practice by 6:45am.  Spring swim tune up will round out her activities.  Eamon and Liam are attempting to fit in some hockey conditioning and we received word last week that they made the Brother Rice golf team.  Never a dull moment over here.  Oh and did I mention that David will be visiting Europe, Mexico and China in the next 8 weeks as well for work.  My biggest panic is the driving.  I am in the process of hiring a driver to help me out with getting everyone where they need to be for the next 8 weeks.

Amongst the chaos and the crazy schedules we found ourselves with a Saturday with nothing on the calendar.  We spent the day working in the yard, golfing and out to dinner as a family.  Cherished moments of course.  The putting green was taken over by Mott's......

Friday, February 10, 2017

Enjoying Small Moments

I have never been one to stop long enough to smell the roses.  Everything is never done.  The house is never clean enough,  the laundry is never all done and the kitchen is rarely perfectly clean.  I have been trying to slow down and enjoy the moments when I can.  I have discovered that the older my children get the more emotional I have become.  My brother-in-laws always think I am without much emotion at times but I have to tell you that tears come much faster than they ever used to.  A sappy commercial or just hearing Finn tell me that he loves me more than I could ever love him is enough to choke up.  Eamon and Liam are freshman in high school and seeing them as men can send me into a cheek biting frenzy at times.  I bite the side of my cheek whenever I feel the quiver of my chin come and the possibility of tears.   A wedding..forget it...Standing there and the music starts, everyone stands up...I'm done and the biting starts.  A funeral is always hard but as I get older I notice everyone else and how people deal with grief. Seeing others sad often makes it hard for me to keep it together.   

I'm ok with the house not being perfect as long as I have some time to give hugs and kisses.  Colin likes a long morning hug and Finn likes to kiss me on my forehead as he heads out the door to school.  Declan will always yell, "hope you have a better day that I do mom".  Mairin is mostly smiles and will always kiss me and tell me some sort of story from her day.  Eamon and Liam...well they are getting older so when I pick them up from school I say it is an electronic free ride home and they have to tell me about their day.  You go from the little ones who don't stop talking to the older ones where you have to bribe with food or activities to get them to really talk.  

The moments are endless and I am taking them all in. 

* A pan of the ultimate brownies ready for them when they get home gives me joy.  
* Getting a call from that amazing fellow hockey mom saying she has a bag for you full of hand me      down gear makes my heart happy.
* My husband being gone on a  work trip and returning home makes me realize how crazy I am for        him
* A call from a friend to take a walk in the morning to catch up makes me smile
* Going up in Eamon's room in the evening when he is loaded with homework and laying on his bed      just to have a 10 min chat about life and how he is doing.
*  Trying to pin Liam down on the floor just to see if mom can still hold him down (barely anymore       and all the kids join in and beat up on Liam)
* Catching David doing an impromptu math lesson at the table "get me a piece of paper" and you           know he is drawing something out to help explain something for the trips.
*  The whole family sitting around the kitchen table for dinner and realizing they are all mine...all of        them.
*Going to mass on Sunday and taking up an entire row and watching people count all of us out of the    corner of my eye.
* Looking out the window on a cold night and seeing steam rising from the hot tub and seeing Eamon    and Liam sitting, chilling and just chatting.  Having no idea what they are talking about but they are      talking. friends..confidants and so much more.
* Getting mad at Declan and hearing him honestly say, "mom I forgot to remember".  

Blessed and Living It..Everyday!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Dynamics of a Box of Cereal

How do they know?  How do they know that I went to the grocery store and that the new stock of sugary goodness is waiting for them?  I hear the pitter patter of tiny feet as they scurry down the stairs.  Their little sock covered feet slip as they go around the corner and they hold on tight to the banister as they are skidding into the turn to make the flight of stairs right at their feet.  I hear the cupboard door open followed up the ding of porcelain cereal bowls hitting together and tapping the granite counter top.  The slight slam of the utensil drawer shutting and the whoosh of the fridge door closing tells me that someone found some sugary goodness.  These are quiet mornings for the most part.  Everyone gathering 1 by 1 into the kitchen to see what cereal is out and opened.  Is there enough for me?  is the biggest concern for all.  The old concern of not getting any is a thing of the past.  The mornings of the Little's eating bowl after bowl until they couldn't hardly breath is no more.  The rule here is as follows... Sugar cereal is 1 bowl only.  A reasonable bowl.  If I see an over the top greedy bowl than that bowl is traded with a sibling of your choosing and you will get their bowl.

Cereal is a very popular morning food option in this house.  I am a coupon and sale shopper so every week we can have varied kinds of cereal in the pantry.  I try to mix it up but I have to say when anything peanut butter goes on sale .... I invest.  I usually will buy a good amount and often will hide several boxes so that they last longer.  We are easily at least a box per morning or even 2 boxes per morning depending on the size of the box.

Everyone plays a role in the sugar goodness.  Usually the older ones, since they are bigger, can snatch a box out of the little's hands faster but just when you think you are set and enjoying the comics on the back of the box....another child wakes up and needs a bowl poured.  David will often come down and attempt to get his hands on some of the sugary goodness but I often intervene and crush his dreams by setting his box of oat bran or shredded wheat in front of him.  "honey you can't eat that kind of cereal anymore..sweetheart". He looks up at me with a look of defeat and disappointment and although he will eat the healthy stuff he looks as if he is depressed that his childhood has gone and he has to abide by the rules of being healthy and conscious.  He wants to go back to the days when he was running daily and could eat anything he wanted and it would never stick.  The old days that everyone wants to revisit now and then.

I grew up in a house where the most exciting cereal was golden grahams and that was at my Nanny's house.  My mom only bought Cheerios,  Chex, Grape Nuts and Rice Krispie.  I would always go nuts when I would come across real sugar cereal.  I decided that when I was a mom that I would allow some sugar cereal.  I do go through my moments of . "no more sugar cereal, I'm done buying it"..but then there is a really good sale on it and I get sucked in.

I keep a couple of boxes of cereal in my cupboard that are open.  The deal at my house is that you have to finish one in order to get another one out.  It forces the kids to eat the non favorites to make room for a favorite.  The question I hear all the time, "mom can I get a cereal out of the garage".  I always answer with, "Is there room for another one"?.  Now lets explain why the cereal is in the garage.  I have a boat load of kids who eat a boat load of food and I live in a 1960s colonial and I lack a walk in pantry so all of my extra dry goods are housed in the garage on shelves.

Disclosure/Disclaimer- Health nut people out there.  Yes .....Yes .....Yes..... I know.... I know.... this is not part of a healthy balanced diet and the amount of sugar they are eating is so NOT healthy but in the end we all have to live a little.  I cook dinner almost every night and pack their lunches so this is a treat they get.  I remember the sugar bowl that sat next to my non-sugar cereal when I was a kid.  How many spoonfuls could I put on those Cheerios?  BTW...I just checked out the cupboard and found a box of Cheerios and Rice Chexs.  We clearly are down to the healthy cereals and the request will come soon as to when we will be stocked up again.  This is when I notice everyone shifts to cheese toast or bagels.  Ha

Friday, September 30, 2016

Twins, Triplets and A Single...Driving and Forgetting

That moment when.....

You just dropped off a random child and you are driving along but there is a lot going on in your head.  You are actually scheduling in your head and almost taking inventory of everything as you are driving.  Those are the moments when you pull into your driveway and you don't remember the drive.  Not because you were texting or even calling anyone but because the route you travel is so mundane and so routine that your wheel takes over making it automatic.  The sudden shiver that goes through your body as you remember that orthodontic appointment.  "Did I miss it"?  I shiver for a few more seconds and then realize ...oh that is next week.  It is only moments later when the shiver returns and I realize that I forgot to send in money for the field trip.  I think the shiver is adrenaline and then at that moment I start analysing how crazy my body is and how a thought can trigger a full body reaction.  I dwell on that for awhile and then I seem to snap back to recognize my surroundings and realize that I was going to run an errand but missed the turn so heck I will just go home and hit it up later.  This sums up my life in a nut shell during the 1st month of school.  A constant shiver and constant referrals back to my calendar.

I have decided to keep a small note pad in my car.  I can jot a note as I think of it.  I for sure spend enough time in my car to solve the worlds problems driving in circles picking up and dropping off.

The husband has been gone for 2.5 weeks and with his return last night I must say I need to again adjust to now....a different schedule.  The school year is now beginning for me.  I have all my little ducks in a row and the daddy duck is back in action.

So here's to all the mom's out there who work inside the home and out.  We work endlessly to keep the ball rolling, the house rockin, the children alive and the husbands happy.  We rock!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

High School..Middle School and Elementary School..Uncharted Territory

It has been awhile and boy have I been busy.  Tomorrow we become parents of a couple of Freshman in high school.  If you have been through it than you probably sit back, snicker and think no big deal and if you haven't been through this than you probably don't really care because it is not your time.  I didn't pay much attention myself before now because it really didn't affect me.  Well here we are and today it does affect me.

Some could call these past several days a full time job.  I have been loading ibooks onto school issued ipads, reading up on etext books and figuring out how to keep everyone in our family on an apple family share plan.  We finally got the boys iphones and that was a feat within itself.  I spent, what I thought was a long time, on the phone with verizon setting up new accounts and deciding between plans, data and type of phones.  So many questions to ask and so many fees and programs.  We were the hold outs as far as iphones go and I don't really know why we held out so long but I think it came down to several factors for us. They each had an itouch and today nearly everywhere they went they had internet so I could get in touch with them and they could easily contact me. I didn't always like they way they contacted me though.  I was never able to blow up their phone with calls on an itouch.  I would send texts and hoped they would eventually answer me.   Secondly is the monthly cost.  They will now each pay 40.00 per month for their phones and will continue to babysit for us when needed.  This was part of the deal and they were on board.  I must say that Eamon did hesitate a bit at first because of the monthly commitment that he was getting into. He considered a flip phone to cut down on the cost.  I love that he thought about it in his head before committing.  I enjoy being able to call them at anytime but I don't think they have called anyone other than their Dad so far.  

School supply shopping this year was quite the site.  We checked the sale ads and decided we wanted to go to Target for as many cheap items as we could and then we would finish up our search at Walmart.  The older ones requested this path as they wanted some more specialty items that Target offered and Walmart did not.  Anything that was off the supply list and not on sale was an item that they would pay half.  Eamon set up his world with certain binders he felt would keep him organized.  He has put some thought into it before we went.  Liam bought into some of what Eamon was getting but he was more of basic buys.  Mairin was all about the look and color of the notebooks and folders.  She was into the accessories more than any of them.  The trips were just happy to be there and threw whatever I told them into the cart.  "Declan we need 30 folders ok and 6 need to be red, 6 yellow, 6 blue etc".  I had a purse full of crumpled up supply lists that we had used to compile our full cart and I hope that we got it all.  That was hard work so we treated ourselves to lunch a Red Robin for such an accomplishment.

We are also moving our new Freshman from a public school to a private school and this has brought on a whole new set of rules that I need to dive into.  I ended up going into their rooms last week and asking the family to leave me alone in there for the afternoon.  It was time to pull everything out and see what fits and what doesn't.  I will not be ironing everyday so I insist we have at least 10 dress shirts to get us through the week.  Luckily I had my wits about me in May when all the uniform clothes went on clearance and I stocked up.  No iron shirts please....I will take a dozen.  Belts...Can I have 2 brown and 2 black.  Pants...time to pull out the khakis that have been shoved so nicely to the back of the closet.  We have gone from wearing them as our Sunday best to becoming a staple of their daily wardrobe.  I called the boys up to try on several pairs for me and then immediately sent them out so I could get back to my mass organizing.  Three hours, 2 garbage bags full of salvation army donations and 1 bag of garbage and they were organized, stocked and ready for school.  The anticipating of my boys coming down in the mornings with ties, button down shirts and khakis does make me smile.

Mairin decided to do some organizing herself these past several weeks.  It is almost like she went from little girl to young lady overnight.  She is asking persistently for new wall paint.  She is done with pink and green and has picked out a very light grey.  She parted with her stuffed animals and everything else that was little girl.  She organized her drawers and literally had 4 large bags ready for Salvation Army.  She wanted her chandelier replaced with a normal ceiling light and she wants new bedding that is just plain white.  Who is this girl?  This is going to look like an adult room.  She doesn't ask for much so I will go ahead and make it happen. 

The biggest happenings for the triplets this year is the possibility of them being split up.  I'm going out on a limb here and willing to try this.  We have yet to receive our class lists so I don't know what the end result will be but my guess is that they will be in different classes.  Think about the amount of educators the 6 Mott children will come into contact with on a daily basis?  I honestly wonder how I will keep myself organized.  3 schools, 6 little people, 3 cafeterias, 6 emergency cards and lots and lots of patience and lots of writing things down.  Oh and lets end this with ....the older 2 no longer have a bus to take and the husband starts a new job on September 1 that will require more travel and more often.  Pray for me! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Pack .. Unpack .. And Repack!

We are in full swing and we have started our marathon.  School is out and we are settling into our routine and I am wiped out.  "Are these really the first signs of aging?" I ask myself.  I like to stay busy and keep the kids busy but by 9pm or so I am tired.  Tired of what you ask.  Tired of "hurry up and wait".  Tired of trying to be one step ahead of my crew and anticipating their next move.  They are little beings with endless amounts of energy and they crave more.  When the temperature soars to the mid 80's and I am outside for 8+ hours I have completely zapped all of my circuits.  I sit in the shade most of the time and yet I still seem to get more sun that I want.  The kids are in some sort of water everyday so my towel and swim suit laundry pile is big.  Lake to pool.....pool to lake.....

I really don't cook much these days.  Lots of portable sandwiches and wraps.  Chicken breasts are cooked in advance and available for quick heat up.  Large bags of frozen berries for smoothies fill my freezer.  Popcorn has been a favorite dinner option and I am agreeing with most everything.  These are the days though right?  The days that I will look back on and will quickly forget the tired but remember how we were on the go and lots of laughter.

Mondays are our catch up day.  A day of laundry, sleeping in and chores.  I schedule these carefully as I really can only count on 1 day a week to do all of my home chores.  I also find myself living out of bags.  My husband always has a look for me when I pull out a bag he claims he hasn't seen.  Does he not realize that I am living out of bags and I need all sizes depending on my activities.  Here is how it really goes down.

I keep a bag in my car full of a spare set of clothes for the littles.  I make everyone pack their own bags every morning but we will surely forget something one of these days.  The kids need to have swim gear, tennis gear and then gear for golf so they are packing several outfits daily.  It is much easier to run to the car for a collar shirt than it is to frantically run home.  I have a bag in case we go to the beach.  This bag has my stash of sunblock, band aids, hats and visors and of course....a spare set of swim suits for all.  There is another bag in the back that is full of momma stuff.  My change of clothes for when I get the opportunity to hit the gym while the littles are busy with an activity.  Ear buds, tennis shoes and socks finish up that bag.  Last is the bag for the hubby.  I am ready for the late afternoon call from the hubs when he may want to swing by but wants a suit or a change of clothes.  Yep don't worry ...that bag is in the back too.  So maybe just maybe it is ok for me to have a fun selection of bags since I am the packer of the family.  Hey ...It used to be even worse.  I had a porta potty in the back for years.  I was ready for anything.  We could stop and go on demand.  Laugh..laugh some more but with 6 children..some one always has to go big bathroom..always.

By the time we get home at night everyone has thrown wet towels into various bags and there are wet suits stuck in the corners and it is not until I tell everyone do they pull out the rotten, smelly towels and we start yet another laundry pile.  The system is very simple .. Pack...unpack and repack.

Monday, April 25, 2016

We Are Going To Tip Over-Camping with Twins, Triplets and A Single

I tried to ignore my thoughts and just fall into a deep sleep but it just wasn't happening.  The wind would come in and ramp up slowly but very loud.  I felt like I was laying there counting the seconds until it would max out.  Almost like when you were a kid and you counted the time between the thunder and the lightning.  Once the gales got strong it was slowly die back down and then the trees would quiet for a small moment and then the process would begin again.  Over and over all night long.  I kept thinking, " we are going to tip over".  My first mistake was opening up the weather apps throughout the day.  "Winds up to 50 miles and hour expected this evening". 

We were spending the day at the Smithsonian Zoo that day in Washington DC.  This was a sort of last minute trip for us.  We decided a month or so before spring break that we would do another camping road trip.  We reserved the pop up camper and fortunately the campgrounds were full of vacancies.  We sort of repeated the preparation of the our August trip out west and headed the other direction for a much shorter drive.  This trip took us about 9 hours to get there and we were able to set up camp for 7 nights and not have to move around.  We stayed just 15 miles from the Capital and enjoyed our little campsite with minimal campers around and lots to do for the kids.  It was a very densely wooded campground that provided us with electricity and by the end of the week we had used up a tank and a half of propane keeping us warm at night.

We took a risk with the weather and it was probably the coldest April that Washington DC has had in years.  We hit 32 degrees and below at least 3 nights and probably averaged between 40-50 degrees for the week.  I slept in my 3 layers and a coat most nights.  The kids didn't notice the cold at all and seemed to love all of it.  I was putting the layers on at night and all the boys were whipping the clothes off to sleep in their underwear even on the coldest nights.  

We enjoyed the sights and I believe we hit all of the "must see" tourist recommendations with reason to come back to see more.  Museums, The monuments, The White House, Arlington National Cemetary,  GeorgeTown University, Naval Academy to name a few.

The evenings of rain afforded us to visit to a family favorite..Dave and Busters.  Several bitter cold mornings made us by pass the typical breakfast at the picnic table with the little propane tank and paper bowls and take on a luxurious approach...the local diner.   Another 9 days of no TV and minimal internet connections rounded out our Spring Break for 2016.

On our way home we made a small detail and ended up visiting the grave of David's great great grandfather in Shelby, Ohio.  We also drove by the old homestead.  The kids jumped out and ran around the cemetery and quickly located Peter Mott 1827-1862.  Everyone received a short genealogy lesson and we moved on.

The night that left me tired and thinking we were going to tip over ended and we never tipped over.  I spent the night thinking and planning in my head what we would do if we tipped over.  My thought process, looking back was not completely reasonable but in between sleep and dreams it seemed very real and reasonable.    I should grab the keys to the vehicle and keep them in my pocket so that when we tip over and it is dark we can at least get in the vehicle and leave.  Oh wait, I should have my purse next to me too.  We wont get hurt if tip over because it is not a big fall but ......It will make a huge mess.  Should I get the kids to put their clothes on so that they don't have to jump in the vehicle in their underwear.  I mean if we tip over everything will be everywhere and I will have no way of finding stuff.  

That was the longest night of the trip and I guess this is what being a mom is all about....worrying and praying all would be well....and it was.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Multiples Illuminated ...... A Must Read!

It was a regular morning and I was off to visit the doctor for an ultra sound.  It was still early, at just 9 weeks the doctor wanted to check on the 2 heartbeats she had discovered just 3 weeks prior.  I already had a set of twins and a single so although the thought was a bit daunting it was nothing I hadn’t done before.  God had given us a gift and I was going to embrace it.   Stepping into the chilly exam room was all too familiar to me therefore I had no reason to have my husband take the morning off of work to come with me.  I had it covered.  The doctor started some small talk as they always do while they attempted to find the heartbeats.  “Oh there is one, yep and the second one….wait...hold on hmmmmmm.  Let me grab another doctor because I believe we have a third one”. 

Needless to say that was a shock and I think the office was just as surprised as I was.  My husband was blown away and we went from a family of 5 to a family of 8 in just 9 short months.  Who goes through this?  I remember even though I had a set of twins I still headed right to the library to see what I could get my hands on in order to read up on what was going to happen.   I found lots of books on facts and how to take care of babies but nothing about the emotions and all that goes along with Multiples.  I spent 9 months scouring the internet for stories.  I needed to hear about others and how they dealt with the news. I wanted a real book from real people who were in the trenches and lived to tell about it. 

Multiples Illuminated is that book.  I was given this book and devoured it.  My triplets are 7 years old and my twins are 14 years old so although I am not yearning to know what it is going to be like I still loved the read.  It took me back and made me laugh and brought back some of the moments of worry that I had forgotten.  This book brings together a group of women from all walks and different backgrounds and throws them together with 1 thing in common.  What is it like to have Multiples?  It shares stories of outrageous comments in public, internal thoughts, late nights, emotional swings and all things that come from Multiples.  It is real.  There is no sugar coating and no political correctness.  The writing is superb and honest.  The book is laid out into many short stories from many mothers and fathers.  Following the story is a snippet of who the writer is and what the background of that person is.  I was fascinated to read about working moms and stay at home moms and how parents with different backgrounds dealt with news of Multiples. 

The Editors, Megan Woolsey and Alison Lee are household names in the media streams because of their ability to write about their daily family happenings in a funny and very relatable way.  They often appear in my face book feed under Scary Mommy or in a Huffington Post article.  The writers that they gathered for this book, Multiples Illuminated are spot on in their writing as well.  I hope that if anyone is expecting, already has or wants to know all about multiples that they reach out to Amazon to purchase this book.  I will personally get this book for anyone who is having multiples in the future. 

You can purchase this book at the following link:

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Month Of Christmas with Twins Triplets and A Single

The weather is cold.  The days are shorter and Christmas is over.  The decorations are put away and the last of the sweets in the house are being slowly eaten.  I think I have seen enough sugar to last me awhile.  The last of the glitter and pieces of tinsel are being vacummed up.  My house is free from any signs of Christmas, except for the bar counter that is full of the remote controls for the drones, cars and helicopters.  Oh and there are still some lego villages set up around the house.

The kids are back to school and I am caught up on laundry and returns.  Now what? I ask myself.  I am at a very organized and peaceful place and I am asking myself  Now what?  I am a product of my surroundings and my environment.  A product of the crazy schedule of life.

Instead of "Now What".  Let's spend a minute reliving Christmas 2015.  It was a good season and although I often worry about the amount of "stuff" that comes with the holiday season I think we did well overall with not going too crazy.  The triplets turned 7 on December 17th and we surprised them with a birthday party at the local middle school gym.  We enjoyed floor hockey, flag football and soccer for 2hrs and of course some pizza and cake to check the box and move on.  I promise my kids a party every 5 years and I kind of skipped the triplets until this year.  I had a lot of anxiety about inviting kids to a party for 3 kids.  That is a lot to ask for people who are so generous these days to think they have to bring 3 gifts.  I struggled with this for a couple years on how to handle it.  I decided that I would let each triplet invite 6 friends and I did 3 different invitations.  The invitation only invited you to a single child birthday.  It really worked out marvelous.  We had close to 20 kids and each of the triplets came home and were able to open 6 presents.  We are so blessed that we really didn't need 20 presents for each kid and I think it took a burden off the parents too.  We did receive a couple of gifts for all 3 boys from really good friends and we were flattered by everyone's generosity and thoughtfulness.

I spent the month of November doing a ton of research on the latest and greatest holiday craze...The Hoverboard, Swagway, Self Balancing Scooter and all the other names that these things are referred to.  I ended up purchasing one from Amazon because it was distributed in the U.S and the warranty reviews were great.  I got it and took it up to my bedroom and rode it around secretly while the kids were at school.  It was awesome.  I describe it like it reads your mind.  You want to turn and it turns and it is all based a slight slight movement.  It was going to be the triplets gift of the year right??? Wrong.. It wasn't even a week after delivery when the news reports were showing houses and apartments being burned down due to these boards catching fire.  I ignored it for awhile until everyone was talking about it and then I went online and read the reports.  I read enough to start the return process.  It was the first time that I felt the sinking feeling of wanting a gift for the kids but also thinking about all of us sleeping and the possibility...even very slight ....of losing a child or anyone due to a house fire.  Amazon pulled the Swagway's off their website and were no longer even selling them so I knew I had to proceed.  Amazon exceeded every expectation I had.  They paid for return shipping and helped me get in touch with the actual seller of the Swagway.  Swagway took it back and refunded me.  I did keep the board until Christmas and let the triplets ride it in the basement for a couple hours before we packaged it up and sent it back.  It was a huge bummer but I am proud to say that I had 3 little guys who understood and accepted the explanation for the return and were good with it.

The family enjoyed 3 days up north at my parents house and we were able to break in the new addition.  My mom and dad added a 3 car garage to their home with a large living quarters above that sleeps 10.  This is our new B&B when we go to Stanton.  It is pretty sweet and very nicely done.  We all enjoyed a solid 2 weeks of together time.  David had the full 2 weeks off as well so we did some open skates, took a family trip to Frankenmuth for some winner winner chicken dinners.  The kids all spent some Christmas money buying shoes at the Nike store and we were home in time for a Netflix movie.  We attempted to see the Wayne County Light Fest but the line was crazy long.  We saw many movies at home and ventured out to the new Chipmunks movie one afternoon.  I made everyone go through closets and clean them out after watching David do the deepest closet clean out I have ever witnessed.  We had the Mott family Christmas which is always a huge hit and ate and ate and ate.  This was the first year in a long time that the pond was not frozen so it forced us to do some other things that normally we would not do.  This past Monday was rough.  Getting up early and getting everyone back on schedule has taken us most of this week to catch up.