Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doctor Appointment

Another successful appointment. I met with Maternal Fetal Medicine today and they did a quick ultrasound and checked my cervix. 3 great heartbeats and a long and thick cervix. This is my last appointment with MFM and now I will seeing my regular highrisk OB until the end. My OB says he will deliver me at 34 weeks if all is well while the MFM doctors say 35-36 weeks. Hummmmm.....We will see if I make it that far. My blood pressure is a beautiful 112 over 62 and no signs of issues. I am scheduling an ultrasound for week 30 for growth and that is all I have for you today.
Names...3 boys....we are having a hard time settling on names. Today is 27 weeks and 6 days....

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import32 said...

I love your blog, what a clever idea. Glad to hear you're feeling well and it's wonderful to see all the pics . . . my girls have missed seeing your kids and mentioned that they will miss your annual Halloween party. Are you even having it this year??? Say hi to the kids and our 'hood buddies - Carolyn & 'Co.'