Monday, October 27, 2008

The Prego Picture

Ok here I am. I am not an advocate of self portraits during pregnancy but with triplets, everyone seems to want to know how I look. I am 28 weeks along and have added 25 wonderful pounds of baby. We found out earlier on that we are having 3 boys and are currently trying to figure out some Irish names.

This pregnancy has been relatively uneventful. There have been no problems as of yet. I am on my own self imposed bedrest. I really dont have any energy and what energy I have I put it towards my kids. I am ready for the end but also trying to keep them in for as long as possible.

As of 1 week ago my ultrasound is estimating each baby to weigh 2lbs. They keep encouraging me to rest and eat. Ok well I can handle doing that.

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Nikki's World said...

Hi Heather,

Oh my god you look so great. If you havent figured it out it is Chantale & Joseph Hines wishing you the best of luck with your growing family.