Friday, October 24, 2008


Welcome to my story. I have spent the past several months searching the web for other women having triplets. I have found several to follow and found them to be very helpful. I am starting a bit late in the pregnancy but it is better than never.

I am currently starting my 28th week of pregnancy with a due date of January 23, 2009. The doctors have no intention of my going past 36 weeks so we are planning and praying for December babies.

I have been so lucky to not have had any issues up to this point. I am at the doctors every other week and in for ultrasounds every 3 weeks.

How did this happen???? Seems to be the first question everyone wants to know. I took clomid for all of my children and it seems as though this time it worked really well. the doctors found 2 babies at 6 weeks and then found a 3rd baby at 9 weeks. This will definitely be a challenge but my husband and I are up for it.

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