Wednesday, November 12, 2008

30 Weeks Tomorrow

Well it is hard to believe that I am already at 30 weeks. It is starting to feel real as these babies can really come at anytime. I have met with several mothers of triplets and have been picking their brains on what it is really like. These mothers are still smiling so I feel like it may be tough but you get through it. The biggest question is whether we will get help and how much we will need. I am planning on waiting until they arrive for David and I get a handle on 3 additions. David has saved some time to take off and between family and friends Im sure the first several weeks will be complete chaos anyway.
So lets talk about how wonderful everyone has been up to this point. Lets start with David. He has been nothing but wonderful. He has been understanding of my up and down mood swings and my lack of energy in helping with so many of the household duties. He has not complained at all and keeps telling me that it is my job to relax..well ok then..He follows it up with "you will never be able to rest like this again" ugggg. He asks me for a list of things to be done and goes ahead and completes his tasks. He is so good with the boys and their homework and projects, He takes them to hockey practice and takes Mairin to school in the mornings so that I dont have to leave the house. He really is the best.
Does everyone know that my sister, Heidi lives with us? What a brilliant idea. Heidi moved in in August and has been nothing but a huge help. I call it a win win situation. Heidi gets to save some money and Heather gets a live in sitter and helper. She helps with everything. If I cook she cleans up, if I start laundry she finishes it, she will put the kids to bed, do homework with them, give baths, grocery shop...etc.....At this rate I dont want her to leave.
Thank you also to Dolores, Myrna and Jill for bringing over meals for me to freeze. I am so lucky to have so many people that check up on me and offer so many kinds of help....
Ok so now how do I feel..well this week has been a bit boring again. The morning routine is easy for me so I get the kids out the door and then I often run a simple errand or do some organizing or honestly just jump right back into bed....I make sure and have dinner ready in the evening if I feel good and then wait for everyone to arrive home. Yep I know my life is pretty easy for right now.
I am so new to this blog thing that feel free to tell me what you think. Is it too detailed..boring...whatelse do you want to know about me??? I am being pretty open so take advantage of it.....


Nicole O'Dell said...

Congrats on 30 weeks!! KUTGW!

Cari said...

Congrats Heather. It is so good that the babies are a good size and you feel good. I didn't know Heidi was living with you, but did wonder how she was.
Love the stroller!!

Take care

The Arguelles' said...

Congratulations and God Bless you and your family. It is great to see that the little ones are growing near to term.

Take care and I look forward to the resulting pics in triplicate!!