Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Picture

If only you knew how hard it is for me to post pictures at this stage. I am doing this for the better of my blog....I have been getting requests for another picture so here it is and I am 2 days short of 31 complete weeks.

I saw my OB today and things look good. I am now measuring 45 weeks so that is pretty amazing. I am now seeing my OB every week and starting next week I will begin non-stress tests weekly. I guess this is where they hook you up to a monitor and they monitor the movement, activity, heartrate etc for each baby for 30 minutes each.

My OB is leaning towards delivery at 34 weeks. Of course nothing is for sure but I guess that is what we are shooting for at this point.

Oh and I passed my gloucose test again..just barely...thank god. Today my blood pressure was still excellent and so there were no changes.


Nicole O'Dell said...

You look fantatic! WTG on getting to 32 weeks! You're doing such a great job!! KUTGW and be ready for anything--things happen fast from here on out!

Sally said...

Congrats on those big ol babies! I knew you were good at this! I love this blog...best idea ever!

Love ya!

Marcia Cameron said...

You look so beautiful!! I am so proud of the way you are handling this. What a trooper you are.

Love ya, Marcia

Anonymous said...

Heather you look amazing! Love being able to check in on you. You're doing great.
Elaine & Marty

gayleoc1 said...

Ok, so you still look amazing!!!! I really think I was bigger then you are! :) You are doing so great..can't believe they are almost here. I'm going to come over to see you tomorrow, even if you are only up for a few minutes..

Myrna said...

Happy Thanksgiving Little Mama! I find the blog so interesting and you are starting to give us lots of details and you know I love that! The picture you posted is beautiful. I am so happy that you are doing so well. I will miss you tomorrow as I go alone on our annual "Black Friday" Shopping Spree!
Aunt Myrna