Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I had to post the thanksgiving day picture of the kids. This was taken just before they headed out to uncle Billy and aunt Nadines house for what Mairin called "A Thanksgiving Feast". I stayed home on turkey day. I was much more comfortable laying down rather than sitting up. The Motts tend to have very long holidays. David left here at 2:45 and came home at 11pm. Next year it is back at our house and I cant wait. Thank you very much to Billy and Nadine for taking on the tradition for this year.
Today is Black Friday and it is the first year in many that I was not up at 5am ready to shop. Who am I kidding...there was no way I could do that. We are really enjoying our holiday weekend. David has been good about taking the kids out and about. Today they went to the gym and went swimming. Maybe we will do open ice skating tomorrow.
Have I told you how amazing my 3 little ones have been thru this process? Of course I am bias but I have 2 6 year old boys that are carrying up laundry baskets for me and helping me fold laundry, my little mairin is constantly kissing my belly and making sure the babies are warm. Really they have been great. They are learning that mom only has 2 hands and that I am just not as quick as I used to be. They are really my angels.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Heather. I love the picture of the kids from Thanksgiving. I missed having you go with me shopping on Black Friday, but have an idea that you will be ready to go next year. I didn't go as far without you with me - just went to Parisian. I guess a lot of the fun is going together, shopping a bit, lunching, shopping, lunching! Have a great birthday!
Aunt Myrna