Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gettin Huge

I had another doctor appointment today and again all is well. My doctor measured me and no wonder I am uncomfortable. I am measuring the same as a 42 week single pregnancy. I asked if we were able to narrow down the date that they will come and at this point we are still wait and see. I have this feeling that they will come right around Christmas. Poor babies..I always say that I feel bad for kids whos birthday is right around Christmas..they get jipped on presents. Oh well as long as they are healthy I am happy.
I have the weekend all alone. David is heading to Chicago for a family wedding and my amazing sister Heidi is taking all 3 kids up to grandma and grandpas for the weekend. I will be hanging out and enjoying every minute of my bed.


Sally said...

Download the phone numbers to the places that deliver before the weekend! Have a great time and make those babies big!

Heidi Hockstra said... sweet sister said such nice things about me in her blog! Enjoy your time to relax!

Myrna said...

I am enjoying your web site. What a great way to keep everyone posted without us all asking, "How are you doing?"
Aunt Myrna