Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Itchy Situation

Today was another doctor appointment. I was sitting in the room waiting for the doctor and when he came in the first thing he said was " you look tired" yep he pinned it. I had to take Mairin with me to this doctor appointment and as we were waiting I could feel my eyes rolling back in my head. The appointment was at 10am so you can understand it doesnt matter what time of the day it is..Im just tired. The appointment was quick. He did an ultrasound, found 3 heartbeats and then we talked briefly about delivery. He said today that 34 weeks looks like what we will end up with but we have room to play a bit. As the doctor was walking out I remembered to ask him about my "itching issues". I am not drawing blood or making blisters but I can sit back and just itch constantly. He immediately said that i needed to go downstairs to the lab to do a blood draw. The blood test is checking for cholestasis. I did some research on this and it appears that it is a problem with the liver dealing with bile. The doctor says it takes a week for the test results to come back but based on the results it could make for an earlier delivery. We are really getting down to the wire now. December 12th is 34 weeks so i guess time will tell.
Oh and did I tell you that I need these bio physical profiles twice a week. I am living at Royal Oak Beaumont

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