Monday, November 17, 2008

They Are Growing

My ultrasound appointment was at 8am this morning. Looks like all is well. Here are the sizes of the 3 babies as of 30 weeks and 4 days

triplet 1 --3lbs 8oz
triplet 2 --3lbs 10oz
triplet 3 --3lbs 11 oz

These babies are currently in the 50th percentile for a single baby as far as size goes. This is of course great news and I am thrilled. I get caught up in calling them 1 2 and 3 only because the tech always refers to them that way. triplet #1 is the lowest and is head down, triplet #2 is laying across the middle and triplet #3 is very high and butts up to my ribs.
I called David and told him the good news and he was so excited. I just love it when he gets all fired up about this stuff.
My sister, Sally and I had a busy weekend. We moved the bedrooms and beds around to get ready for babies. I needed to move Mairin into the boys room (for now) and her clothes upstairs so that I could put all the infant stuff out downstairs. I really didnt do anything except for give directions on where things went. David was hunting for the weekend so we decided it was a great time to do it "my way". hehehe.
We unpacked boxes of baby clothes and put them all away in drawers. I have so many clothes for these wonderful babies. The donations from neighbors and friends has been wonderful. Thank you everyone for everything you have passed on.

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Nicole O'Dell said...

Great weights! They're, on average, already a little bigger than mine were at birth (32 w 1d) and mine were considered to be nice and big. YAY!