Thursday, December 4, 2008

33 weeks today

Here we are ...33 weeks completed today! Check the box..done. Ok now what? Well I have to say that we are getting very close. Everyday seems to run into the next for me now. It is a waiting game. I am not very motivated for the holiday season, I guess I have way too many other things on my mind.
Oh some funny news..My sister Heidi emailed channel 4 news and they called us today and want to do a story about all these kids... I dont know any details at this point but they are calling us early next week to come out for a visit. It kind of makes me nervous. Heidi enjoys sharing the news. I am really used to this whole idea and then you hear that a TV station wants to come out and then you think "holy crap" maybe this is a big deal.
I am jumping around a bit but I keep thinking of things. So Mairin and I were watching TV the other day and I was scratching my belly and the babies were moving so i said "Hey Mairin, look do you see the babies moving" She looks at me and says "Mom open your mouth so I can see them" Yep she thinks that the babies are going to come out of my mouth to be born. How cute is that.
Ok so I also have not updated you on my first biophysical profile done yesterday. Ok so it was kind of dumb.....forgive me but for 1 hour the tech chatted with me and looked for each baby to breath and move. I guess sick babies dont move. I had a really good tech who was very nice and talkative so that was fun but other than that it really wasn't "fun".
No more doctor appointments until next Tuesday so until then it will be just your day to day updates.


Myrna said...

I think it is great that Channel 4 wants to come out. They will fall in love with your family! And yes -- it is a really big deal having three babies, twins at home, and of course sweet Mairin. I know you are anxious for the babies to arrive. What a special Christmas this will be for all of us!
Aunt Myrna

Nicole O'Dell said...

How neat! Maybe you'll get a TV show out of it. ;)