Monday, December 15, 2008

Almost There

I lay here in bed and go back and forth trying to decide if the pain of carrying these babies is better than the pain of no sleep that is coming just around the corner. I am very excited but afraid I will look back and say "life on bedrest was the best". You cant help but wonder. I think I will be fine and actually I am looking forward to checking out the skating rink outside with the kids, leaving the house without getting tired and doing all of the other things that I cannot do right now.
Today I woke up to no power. A tree had fallen and taken the power line with it. It happens often at our house so it prompted my husband to get a generator ordered. You dont just go stay with someone when you loose power and you have 6 kids. Power was finally restored at 4pm and all was well. You can tell how bad I am....I spent most of the day laying in getting cold, no power, no tv, but just dozing and reading magazines......sooo not like the Heather I know.
The nights are getting harder and harder to stand. I am finding that at times I am unable to lay on either side because of pain. It feels like when I roll over there is 15 lbs of stuff inside me that moves and slides to the other side of me and if it doesnt land in the right place than it is painful.
Thank you to everyone who has sent me a text, written an email of good luck or has called. I will be very excited to share our news and plan to have my sister report in on this very blog with pictures and details.

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