Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Big Babies

I just love my friends. I had my doctor appointment this morning and so now I am just laying around this afternoon and I begin to get these text messages from my friend Michelle saying, "hey ..are you going to update your blog we are waiting to see the size of the babies...." Michelle thanks so much for caring...sally I already sent you a text along with my dear sister........

My ultrasound went well and it appears that they are saying the babies are as follows:

#1 4lb 11oz
#2 4lb 12oz
#3 4lb 13oz

I find this literally to be amazing. They said that I can expect the babies to gain 1 oz per day from now on until delivery. Now keep in mind that we could be smaller or larger. If we go by this than in 10 days we are going to have over 5lb babies......They are also all sitting at the 50th percentile of a singleton. Does this make sense? They do not have a chart for growth averages for multiples so they still scale them based on there being just 1 baby in there.
The appointment was a long one cause they had to do the biophysical profiles as well. I found out some info on that in case you are curious.
These profiles I guess are kind of like an apgar score that you give a baby at birth. Here they are measuring: fluid around the baby, movement, breathing and one more thing that I just cant remember. They give each baby 30 minutes to perform all items and they score them either a zero or a 2 for each catagory. They will either pass or fail and the results are sent up to the doctor. All 3 babies passed.
It took the ultrasound tech 29 minutes to get the breathing from baby #1. I didnt realize that of course babies in the womb dont breath..they dont need to. I do everything for them thru the cord...right? They can just sit motionless for long periods of time and you can just see the flutter of the heartbeat.
Periodically mother nature takes over and you will see their little chests go up and down and the tech informed me it was their way of practicing the motion of breathing for when they leave the womb. I thought this was very interesting as I had never thought of it the way it was explained.


Nicole O'Dell said...

HOLY COW! Those are some big babies! WTG MAMA!!!!

Heidi Hockstra said...

Oh Heather I am so happy that they are doing so well and that you are doing so well! Way to go!

Myrna said...

Hey Number One Mama!
What great news! I am so happy you have this website so I have all of the important information. It is so interesting. I am thrilled that the babies are so healthy and big!
Aunt Myrna