Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Change of Plans

The new birthdate for the triplets will be Wednesday, December 17.....I had a doctor appointment today and unfortunatley he will be out of town on Friday the 19th so we had to either back it up or move it up. I am ready to move it up 2 days.
Ok now I am nervous. There is such anticipation to this. I was trying to explain to David that I replay in my head the following and it gives my stomach butterflies all over again.
Ok so you show up the morning of your c-section and you get into your gown, the room is cold, you cover up and you sit in limbo waiting for the next move. Eventually they come in and start the IV. The IV always has to go in my hand since my veins are basically worthless. Then David and I make small talk and just keep waiting. Finally they say it is time and David starts taking deep breaths. Usually they take me to the operating room and we start the spinal...I HATE THIS...not that it really hurts that bad but knowing what they are doing freaks me out. Once I lay down it never fails that I begin to get sick. David comes in around this time and immediately sits down next to me in hopes that the curtain is high enough so that there is no way he can see anything that is going on. We all know what happens next and then it is over. I will have to blog a replay of the happenings of the 17th to see if they are as I remember them to be.
Lets all hope they make it to 5lbs each by then.....My doctor has told me to expect the babies to be in the hospital for 14 to 21 days after delivery but we will see if I can break that record and bring the little monsters home sooner.


Nicole O'Dell said...

OMG, it's coming so fast! And, what you described...yep, it's like that with one, two or three babies! lol You're a pro at this, it will be easy...but it's so amazing with they keep pulling babies out! :)

Myrna said...

I can't believe it is going to be happening on Wednesday. I must have had a preminition as I told Mom/Nanny that I would take her to her treatment on Thursday rather than Wednesday!

You have been the perfect pregnant lady and deserve a medal! I know everything is going to go just great!

Aunt Myrna
p.s. I love the name Finn.

Marcia said...

Whoopee!!I can't wait-what a Christmas present they will be...My best to all-Love ya :)

Paola said...

Heather, we are so excited for you family to welcome the 3 new additions! We can't wait to hear from you guys on Wednesday! We love you guys!

Paola and Gerry