Sunday, December 21, 2008

Changing Already

Ok so now I can tell them all apart but i bet you cant...This is Declan and he definately resembles Liam as a baby.

This is Colin and although I dont know who he looks like, David says he looks just like his dad. Some people are saying he looks just like his father. I think his nose is the most noticable difference.

This is Finn and I think he is a spitting image of Liam as a newborn. He seems to be the one that is awake the most.
Goin home tomorrow.....


Nicole O'Dell said...

They are GORGEOUS! :)

Myrna said...

I was looking at the first pictures - the ones I took at the hospital and you are right - they are changing. They are so cute and I loved holding them all yesterday. The picture of you holding all three is beautiful!
Aunt Myrna

Dorinda said...

I'm so glad you are all doing so well!! How do you feel taking them home with you already? That scared me to death!! I got to leave them behind for 2 days but I was NOT ready to bring them home so soon. They were in the room with me too - scary! I had heard all the stories of how triplets ended up in the NICU, etc. and mine were sent home!! Aagh!! I hope you adjust better :)

Love your picture holding all three - so sweet. I have the same one when they wheeled me from recovery to my room - shaky mom coming off of drugs holding 3 preemies - great idea!!

Paola said...


You look so wonderful and the boys are just adorable! I can't wait to meet them! Thank you Dave, Heidi, mom and everyone else who has been such a great suppport system for Heather! Love, Paola

Angela said...

Did you make it 35weeks? wow AMAZING!!! I made it to 33.3 with our 3! You really went thru it with the loss of blood. So glad your babies and you are doing so well and going home!

Sally said...

Heather Ann,
These little boys are so amazing. I"m super impressed with your strength. These are the luckiest newborns in the world to have gotten you as a momma!