Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Day After..

Hey Everyone--Here goes the details of probably the longest day ever yesterday. Everything started well and we got into the operating room very fast and got the c-section started. I think my nerves were at an all time high yesterday. They really had to dig to get those babies out and it was amazing watching them pull each one out and see how big they were. I have only gotten a glimce of them as of yet. They moved them into the next room and then up to the NICU. They were not put on any oxygen and they are doing great. They have all eaten and from what I hear they are ready to be released out of the NICU to our room. Now lets get into why I have not seen or held them yet.

I got into my room yesterday at 1pm and unfortunately my uterous was not contracting the way it should so my bleeding was too much. By 4pm they took me back down to the operating room where they put me under and packed my uterous with sponges to stop the bleeding. I was given 2 units of blood and was back in recovery by 6pm last night. I was then moved down to labor and delivery to be monitored more often. I have been given shots, blood checks, IVs all night long. I am still down in the labor and delivery area and will stay here until the sponge is removed later today. If the sponge is removed and there is no bleeding then I will be able to go back upstairs to a room and see my babies.

I am so very sore right now. They really beat me up this time. Hardest section I have ever had. I couldnt write much last night because the pain meds are so strong they make me tired.

I will keep posting today as things happen but I am thrilled that I have 3 babies that I will be taking home with me...I just need to get my hands on them for now. David has been visiting them regularly and my doctor says that what I am going thru right now is very normal when a uterous expands that big. Thank you everyone


Heidi Hockstra said...

Heather glad to hear you had an ok night. It is hard being at work today knowing that there are babies to be held. Hope today is a great day for you and the bleeding stops! Keep updating as you can!

Anonymous said...

Wow,Awesome..I got to see some pictures of the babies when I was at Myrna's last night..So happy the babies are in good health and that you are on the mend. I'll keep you in my thoughts. Remember I'm available when you need some help.Kathy

Following Him said...

Glad everyone had an ok night. Keep updating when you are able and hang in there. Found you through Rachel and Nicole Odell.

Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry that you had some trouble. I sooooo glad you've got yourself some take-home babies, though! That's soooo awesome!

Great job, SuperMom!

Paola said...

Heather! thanks so much for the update! So glad you are doing better and that the poking part is hopefully over! All of you are still in my prayers that you all get to go home soon! The babies are beautiful! Love you! Paola and Gerry

Kevin said...

Heather: Thanks so much for putting up the pictures and the blog. Since we're in Cal, we can't see the wee ones except for the pictures. The redhead (Sean /Finn?) looks like Uncle Peter and I notice he's giving the doc a dirty, sideways look that makes me laugh. What a great looking family! I'm glad to hear things are gradually getting better for you physically. I have nominated you for the Legion of Merit given that you presented the world with over 15 lbs of babies in one fell swoop!

Growing up in a large family is sometimes like living in a wolfpack, but I don't think any of us would have traded it for anything different. Your boys and Mairin will be way more self reliant than their peers and well schooled in basic domestic matters that will pay dividends as they get older. The Cal Mott's are very happy for all of you and look forward to hearing and seeing more as you have time and energy.

Team Darnell said...

Heather - Congratulations on your beautiful and healthy babies! I too had big take home babies. I did not have the trouble you did but my body did also not respond well to "baby withdrawl." When the boys came home, I was actually on more meds and required more doctor visits. Carrying triplets sure does a number on the body! I wish you well and hope you are back on your feet soon. Take care and best wishes to you and your family!