Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 19th ..could be the day

Doctor appointment this morning went well. My blood pressure is normal, cervix is closed and quite frankly according to the doctor "you are made to have babies". I should feel so excited and blessed right but since things are going so well he backed me up a week for delivery. As of today if everything goes well I am scheduled for a c-section on December 19. I was hoping for the 12th but doctor likes 35 weeks better.
We are still waiting for the "itching" test results to come back and it looks like that could be the only thing that speeds this process up. The doctor does not seem concerned about anything at this point. Maybe we can end up having big babies.
David will finish up work this week and then is off until the new year so at that point I can go on my own bedrest and just wait. Another appointment tomorrow so until then.....


Aunt Myrna said...

I know you are ready to have this over, but I guess it is good that you are so healthy. Lucky babies!! I can't wait to see them and I already know what my plans are for December 19th!
Aunt Myrna

Nicole O'Dell said...

Wow! You're doing such a great job!

Did you get my last email? I'm having trouble with mail coming back undeliverable. if you get a chance, pop me a line and I'll reply and see if it goes through.