Sunday, December 7, 2008

Last Belly Picture

Ok this is a very hard picture to post but I know many people really want to see it. Someday in the distant future I wiIl be so happy that I took these pictures right? I am 33 weeks complete and exactly 35 pounds gained at this point. I dont feel as big as I look but I do see that my back will probably kill me after these babies come because of the over compensating for so long.

I had a great weekend. My sister took my kids up north to grandma and grandpas and I stayed at home with my hubby. We did a whole lot of nothing but enjoyed having nowhere to be. David is officially done with work until mid early January so I hope this next week will be full of productive projects being completed. (hint hint david if you are reading this)

Oh on Friday the results of my "itching" blood test came back and they said 0 to 10 is normal and my result was 2. They were happy of course and said that that itching is probably dry or stretching skin. Looks like I am going to go the full 35 weeks. I just cant seem to find a way to get these babies out any sooner...really just kidding. Less than 2 weeks away at this point. Long doctor appointment on Tuesday of this week and they will be doing growth measurements so I will touch base then.


Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh no way this is your last belly pic. No WAY i'm allowing that! lol

But...dang look FANTASTIC. You are all belly! 35 pounds gain. Sheesh, I'm in awe, truly.

ann said...

Only 35 pounds! I'm impressed. I put on 45 with just a single baby. You must be living right.

As your big day approaches, keep us in mind for any help we can offer. We are planning on doing some entertaining of your munchkins after the babes arrive to give you a chance to get used to them. I'm so excited for you!

Ann M

Anonymous said...

Heather, I am so glad I'm up to date!!!! I live in the dark ages. I saw the blog, you look fantastic! It was great to see the kids yesterday. MirMir is quite a hoot, she loved Brandyn!!! WE ARE PRAYING for you and we are excited for your birth.
Donna and Dave

Anonymous said...

You are all baby. You look great! 35 lbs -- that's amazing, Heather. I will be thinking about you on Weds!!

Good luck,
Kim, Jeff and Noah