Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pinch Me! Did This Really Just Happen?

It is Saturday night and I am sitting in my hospital bed and I am looking out at 3 infant beds on rollers in front of me. Each bed has a sweet little boy with his own look, personality and my DNA...WOW. I am taking the time to look at each one and memorize every ounce of each of their faces. I know the months ahead are going to be tough but these moments will be gone quickly.
We are going home tomorrow. I am taking home 3 healthy babies. I want to thank everyone who keeps up with me on this blog. You have no idea what joy I get out of reading your comments and posting details of my life. There are so many people out there that seem to care so much that it can get a bit overwhelming. My mom just left today as she again is the silent helper. She has been at the house since wednesday making everything run as if I were there. Heidi is still with us..thank god and she just loves to hold babies so we are good on that one. She seems to just pick up where I leave off. My kids have no idea how lucky they are. The kids have been babies pigs so you should see us (david, heidi and I) as we are constantly waiting our turn to hold them. Anyway back to the helpers.....My husband has been my rock. I have had some tough days and he hasnt let me see him sweat yet. I dont know how you do something like this without a heck of a spouse. I watch David with the new boys and it brings a smile to my face as he just takes everything in stride. He is patient and loving and is sooo proud of his little boys. I love you David.

Ok so tomorrow should be utter chaos as we try to leave the hospital. The nurses are attempting to get the paperwork ready but I have an idea that it will be crazy tomorrow. I am very excited to get home and get back to my comfort zone and enjoy the visitors that plan to come and enjoy the holidays. Thanks to everyone who has offered to take the older kids places as well. I hope to see many of my followers at my home over the holidays but if I dont see you please have a happy holiday and keep watching.....Im sure you will enjoy my emotional rollercoaster that is bound to come and go as the days pass....


Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh, I am aso happy for you! I'm all teary from reading that you get to take home three healthy babies with you. What an incredible blessing and amazing accomplishment! YOU DID IT!

Heidi Hockstra said...

We are eagerly awaiting your arrival home tomorrow. Things just aren't the same here without you! We miss you! I am so glad that you get to bring home three healthy babies!

Myrna said...

What a great day tomorrow will be for you. I stopped by the house today and no one was home - everyone was at the hospital. I went in and it was sooo quiet. I don't think that will be happening very often in the future. I love the names and am so grateful for happy babies. What a wonderful gift you have been given. I do not know anyone that could handle this any better than you and David.

I plan to visit tomorrow and hope the kids will let me squeeze the new brothers for just a minute! :)