Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is crazy

Here is a reality check for you. They are heavy to carry.....We are still in the hospital today. The neo nurse came in this morning and said no to letting Colin go home. Colin has been good but has been holding his body tempurature at the lower end of what they are happy with. They contacted my OB to make sure I could stay so here we are another day in the hospital. The temp outside today is bitter cold so maybe it is better this way. Colin has done great today with his temps so tomorrow hopefully will be the day.
The babies spend the whole day in the room with me and I send them away at night for good sleep and it looks like tonight will be the last night for some long sleep.
I have to also say thanks to Nicole for sending out my blog on her sight as well. This is the first blog I came across back in June and I have been watching it ever since. Nicole had triplets as well just recently and she blogged her entire pregnancy and she really makes life look easy. Nicole and I have emailed back and forth and I just love seeing how she handles her triplets so well. It is her blog that made me say hummmmmm coool idea. Thanks again Nicole for the awards and the comments you always send.


Nicole O'Dell said...

Thanks Heather!

I know it's weird, but the blog addy is www.odelltrips.blogspot and the name is What a trip. takes to some travel site. Cool name for a travel site, I guess. LOL

I love the picture of you guys and I am glad you stayed another day. It's CRAZY cold out there!

You're going to do GREAT though!

Marcia said...

Hey heather,

Wonderful to see you today and to hold the boys..they are so beautiful. Hope tomorrow brings much excitemant as you settle in with your six darlings!!

Love to all,