Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Visitors Are Welcome..We Are Home

Hello everyone-We arrived home yesterday afternoon. I cannot believe how long it takes to check out of the hospital. We had a relaxing evening with the babies. The older kids were with Uncle Tom and Aunt Pam since Sunday. Tom brought them home at 6 or so and my nieces came too. Lauren, Maddie and Mary all took a baby and we had a good time holding babies and talking. Thanks for coming over girls......

I ended up going to bed around 9:30 and was awoken at 12:30 to grunts and noises. We did a feeding and it went really well. I propped, fed and burped and had them all back down by 1:05. 4am feed #2. Same thing...went well... Now I dont want you all to think that was it because keep in mind I am doing some testing by putting in pacifiers in between the feedings just to see what happens so I would say I was still up and down several more times that what I listed above but hey I am not complaining for the first night. We all slept until about 7:44am and then we headed downstairs for our 8am feeding and diaper change.
David spent the morning outside on the ice rink getting it cleared off. I hope that with the snow we have coming that my parents can make it down here for Christmas.

Here is an open invitation for visitors. David wants to show off his babies as I do too so please feel free to give us a call if you want to stop in.


Cindy Belanger said...


What a great blog! Emma and I are so excited for you and your whole family. What a great Christmas gift!
Love, Cindy and Emma Belanger

Nicole O'Dell said...

You sound fantastic! KUTGW and sleep when you can. I KNOW everyone says that and it's so hard because it's the only chance to get things done, but try to do it sometimes. :)