Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Home Alone

I didnt realize how many of you out there were worried about me and my first day at home, all alone with my new babies. Thanks for your concern but it went very well. I think my biggest complaint is that I just didnt get done what I thought I would and the day went soooo fast. The older kids were ready to get back into the swing of things and were out the door with smiles.

I got the babies out of bed at 8am and I propped them on the couch around me and I began checking email, cleaning up my inbox, writing thank you notes and addressing my late holiday cards/announcements. I would stop periodically for a burp or a change of diaper. I received a couple of phone calls and while on the phone I made another batch of formula and filled bottles and cleaned up the kitchen.

Yesterday the Grupenhoffs brought dinner over and held babies. Tonight Dana Davis brought dinner over. mmm so good. We have been so lucky with all of the food people have provided us with. I hate the thought of having to start cooking soon. I still have a freezer full of stuff that will keep life simple for at least another couple of weeks.

David got home at 6:30pm after stopping at the grocery store for some stuff. We ate dinner and then he proceeded to do homework with the boys while Heidi and I did a feeding and kept Mairin out of the "homework room". I am on my way to bed now and as I was leaving the family room I was telling David.."this is like ships passing in the night".. I know this schedule will only have to last a couple of months and then we will be back on the same schedule. David has been doing an awesome job on the 11pm feeding. It really is nice to go to bed and get a solid 4 hours of sleep before my first wake up.

I know this entry is a bit on the boring side..sorry..I am rambling....These details are for you as well as me so that when the kids grow up I will be able to look back and remember the detailed schedule that was required of me with newborns.


Nicole O'Dell said...

See...I told you you could do it! One adult per baby? HAH! ;) You rock Momma!

Anna N said...

Glad your day went well today!! I was thinking of you as I was trying to get my 2 kids ready for school this morning!!! You are SUPERMOM!!

Myrna said...

I don't find your blog boring at all. I try to check everyday to see what is "happening" at the Mott household. I think you are doing a marvelous job and I don't know anyone who could do it better!

Beth Stakoe said...

Hey Heather ... Congratulations!!! they are beautiful and I can't believe you have 6 kids. You have definitely been in my thoughts and am amazed at how you seem to be handling the change. I would love to stop by and hold the little ones. Maybe when the dust really settles??

Tom said...

You are an awesome mom! Those babies are so lucky. I PROMISE we will come over one of these days with dinner and open arms!