Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Some Odds and Ends

Ok so I am starting with this picture so that you can see the closer they are together the happier they are. They just love to hit each other and they often suck on each others fists.....Kind of cute. Just so you know from left to right it is Finn, Declan and Colin
This is typical evening activities. We try to put them into different positions and in the evening we try to wake them up and play a bit before the last feeding. Look at David, isnt he so cute and cant you tell he is just a proud dad.

This is a picture of our "bar" in our family room. I didnt think much of it until one of my sister-in-laws laughed when she saw how we use our wine cooler anymore. Please note the 30 plus bottles ready to go in the cooler and the lonely bottle of champaign in the bottom. This bar also makes for a great changing station and the sink is their bathtub. We make up 3 quarts of formula at a time and it lasts about 1.5 days. The bottles are 2 ounce bottles and it makes it easy for us to grab and go. They are each eating nearly 11 bottles in a day/night. It wont be long until we move on to the bigger bottles.


Bebe said...

I just found your blog. We have triplets (BBB) turning 6 this month. It's really fun (now that we're actually getting some sleep). You're sure in for an interesting year! Congrats!

knitterykate said...

I used to use our wet bar for a change table too! No fridge, though which would have been nice. It was very covenient as we spent a lot of time in the fam. rm. No multiples but three in diapers at one time. btw - enjoying you blog.