Monday, January 26, 2009

The Sledding and Skating Party. A Big Success

Ok so I needed to post a picture of the amazing sledding hill we have in our backyard along with the huge skating rink. This year the weather has really cooperated with us so the hill is at its prime and the ice is very smooth. We hosted a skating and sledding party this past saturday. We built a bon fire and roasted hot dogs, had some beer and hot chocolate. Many neighbors joined us and fun was had by all. The sledding hill is hard to see as it is the cleared area that the kids are running up. We created this hill by lining up large trees that had fallen to make a run that you couldnt get out of. We put in a landing at the top with wood and there are homemade stairs that we dug into the hill to help little ones from slipping and older ones from sueing. The kids go out there everyday after school for at least 1 hour and usually spend the weekends out there. Great winter fun.

This picture is taken from my kitchen window. As you can see the winter wonderland of ice skating on our little backyard pond.
They are changing everyday so I need to keep posting. Yes I know I need to try to get them all awake but that is a tough task to manage. The far left is Finn, Declan and Colin. I am trying to post pictures often because for those of you who know me..know that many of my family members spend the winters in Florida so this is the way for them to see the babies grow. Here you go grandma and grandpa


Heidi Hockstra said...

The pictures are so nice...especially of Fin, Declan, and Colin. They are so cute...I am so lucky to be able to hold them each and every day!

Laura said...

So envious of your backyard playground!
Thanks for sharing more pictures of the babies.

Myrna said...

I am so happy to see the babies. They are growing! Thanks for posting their pictures -- I check daily to see what you have on your blog. The sledding/skating party reminds me of your youth and my own. How nice that your children can enjoy the outdoors right in their back yard.

Nicole O'Dell said...

They are precious! (We have the little HUGS sleeper, too--love it!)