Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Free Stuff For The Mott Family

Do you remember me writing all of those letters to all the companies to get free stuff for multiples? I need to explain myself a bit. If you go online you will find that many manufacturers provide families with multiples a one time gift, coupons or just stuff. I decided to make my generic form letter up and start sending out for my stuff. Most of the companies require a copy of all the birth certificates so I made lots of copies and sent nearly 30 letters out 2 weeks ago.

Well they are starting to come in. I have to share my digs....Huggies sent a ton of coupons. These are the mother of all coupons too... $6.00 off any size pack of diapers. There must be a dozen or so of those coupons. I just got a call from Enfamil and they are sending the 1st shipment of 3 cases of formula. They provide 3 shipments for the triplets and I am supposed to call when I am ready for shipment 2 and 3. Yesterday we received a package from "Learning Curve" and they sent 6 toys from Lamaze. Cute toys that you hang that babies look at and shake. Sassy sent an order form where you buy 1 item and they will send you 2 addtional of the same item for FREE. I have also received a call from Target saying that they do not have a multiple program and Walmart called to say that you have to go directly to the local store rather than corporate. Kroger called and said they were passing my information on to another department so we will see. I have a passion for free stuff..can you tell. It is definately the Hockstra in me. I will keep you updated on any additonal free stuff that comes in.


Myrna said...

That is great - There is nothing quite like getting something for free or getting a bargain!

Tom said...

Heather--- I am SOOOO proud of you. I do not know if it is the Hockstra in you, or the MOTT in the household, but I also love FREE........you go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats great but do they send it to families with only one child. they might need it as well.

Sabrina said...

Hi Heather,

I found you through...a series of blogs while looking for freebies for multiples :)

I was wondering if you'd be willing to share your form letter and the list of companies/addresses/websites you sent letters to?

I'm kind of confused on how to get started and my babies are coming in a couple of months! :)

Thank you!

sabrina999 AT rogers DOT com

Roger Mott said...

Hello Heather, Congratulation for your beautiful family. I have a granddaughter Heather Mott pictured when you GOOGLE the name--the way I came across your images.She is the one on the U of Memphis Softball team. I could tell you bundles about the Mott name and the four Revolutionary Soldiers that emigrated from GA in 1804 now scattered across USA. May God bless your family. Roger