Monday, February 9, 2009

It Is A Slow Road..But Going Good

I am sitting at the hospital with Colin and although I cant hold him I can rub his little bald head and I can stare at him as long as I want to. He is attached to many monitors and he looks to be very comfortable. He got a bath today by the nurses and he is resting very peacefully. They have begun to ween him off the breaths that the ventilator is providing. He is down from 20 to 10 assisted breaths per minute. If you are a doctor and reading this..I may not be explaining everything just right but I am doing the best I can to listen to what the doctors say, take it all in and then try to repeat it. They want to take him off the ventilator tomorrow. He has a lot of mucus and with the tube in they can fish out everything this is deep in his lungs but when they pull the vent out then Colin will have to do the work himself by coughing it up. The doctors are now saying that he will probably be here for the remainder of the week.

Declan and Finn are getting better everyday. I hate to say this but it is really weird only feeding 2 babies at night. I have been a bit paranoid so Declan and Finn have been sleeping in their carseats right next to the bed. I am able to reach them while laying down. It just gives me peace of mind each time I wake up in the night. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and thoughts.


Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh, Heather! I can't even imagine how scary this has been. You sound so brave, but I'm sure it hasn't been easy at all.

Hang in there! Lots of prayers continue for your whole little clan.

Team Darnell said...

I am glad to hear that things are getting better, even if slowly. You are very strong to handle this as well as it appears.

Get well soon little guys!

Myrna said...

I wondered if you were staying up all night watching Declan and Finn as I know I would be paranoid. The carseats by the bed is a great idea especially if it lets you get some needed rest. You are doing a great job!