Monday, February 2, 2009

Lots Of Pictures For You

My husband looked especially handsome today on his way to work so I thought I would take a moment and get the father-daughter picture. Mairin is at the age where she will do nearly anything you ask and is full of smiles in the mornings. These father-daughter moments are absolutely priceless.

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday and we did not do much. We attended church and when we got home the boys and Mairin headed outside for ice skating and sledding. They went out at 1pm and I did not see them inside until 7:15pm. The neighbors brought over hotdogs and they started a fire so the boys had everything they needed. They are becoming great skaters thanks to the all of the older boys that teach them all kinds of new moves.

My rocking husband watched the babies while I took a 2 hour nap. He also watched the babies on Saturday while Heidi and I got pedicures, shopped, returned things and bought things.

Heidi babysat on Friday night for all the kids so that David and I could go out on a date. Im imbarrassed to say that we went out to dinner and were home by 9:30pm. That is what happens when you go out at 6pm and you have kids at home that require you to get up in the middle of the night. We had a great evening out together.

My sister Heidi started taking pictures last night so I just had to post the latest picture of all the kids. Notice the rosey checks on the older boys..they had just come in from the outside. I find that my family room never stays clean. It is always cluttered with diapers,blankets, clothes etc... Oh and with all of the gliders and rockers it has shrunk to a very small room. I have 2 gliders, 1 bounce seat, 3 boppy pillows, 1 swing, 1 jungle thing and a pack n' play ...all in the family room.

This may seem like just another picture but there is a story behind it. When we were planning for the babies we told the older kids that since there were going to be 3 babies that each of them were going to be assigned a baby to watch over for the rest of their lives. They really took this seriously so everytime they see the babies they always want to know where "their" baby is. Eamon is assigned to Colin, Liam is assigned to Declan and Mairin is assigned to Finn. They wanted to hold their own babies for this picture.
I look at this picture and just shake my head for the first time we go out for a formal picture. How the heck will I be able to get 6 kids to pose and smile at the same time.


Myrna said...

Wow - what great pictures. You have such special children and I love that each of the older kids have an "assigned" baby. Mairin is becoming a real beauty!! The boys are dolls, and the babies are really growing - especially Finn.

Nicole O'Dell said...

Awesome pictures! I LOVE the ones of all six kids!

YAY for your free time out of the house! It's been five months since mine were born and I still haven't had that much time away!

mommy4life said...

You have adorable children! Good luck ever getting a picture of them all smiling at the same time! LOL.

Came over from SITS.

Jo Stebbins said...

I think your babies are beautiful - all six of them.

Connie Beach said...

Heather you are simply amazing my beautiful friend!! I had no idea what you have been going through with the +3 being sick and poor little Colin (breaks my heart). But it looks like the Good Lord has shown favor to your wonderful family and everyone is on the mend.. (Thank you Lord) I want to hold and kiss all 6 of their sweet little faces. Man you and David sure did make some beautiful babies. I am so looking forward to your next hair appointment so we can visit and I get to play with your fabulous locks!! Talk to you soon Heather... :-)