Monday, February 16, 2009

See Ya Later Mom

Monday and we are almost back to normal. The kids are off school for the week so it will be a busy week. I had the pleasure of enjoying the company of my mother for the entire weekend. I told her she could move in anytime. It is really nice having just another hand around. She cooked dinner several nights, folded laundry, held babies and just did everything a household needs. Love you mom.... We are heading to the airport to drop her off and let her get back to life in Florida.

I have to say that this morning I woke up very grumpy with the thought of "it is time you babies should be sleeping thru the night" I know I have high expectations but I think I am tired of waking up throughout the night. I am functioning fine during the day and I dont really feel that tired..I just dont like my sleep interrupted. I know..I know it goes with the territory. No more complaining.

I will be back later..Need to go to the airport and drop mom off. We are taking all the kids. You know those roadtrips. I figure it will kill 2.5 hours. Sounds like a perfect afternoon activity doesnt it.


Alexis AKA MOM said...

You are one brave lady taking everyone on a car ride. LOL I so hear ya about sleep, it is just nice to be able to have a full night! Have a wonderful day!

Stopping by from SITS :)

Cheryl Lage said...

What a great grandma your kids have! :)

(Don't feel badly, I was never a fan of the sleepus interuptus will get better, even with the number of sleepers. :) )

Rachael said...

sounds like having your mom around was a wonderful treat, hopefully she will be back soon.

Nicole O'Dell said...

How nice!!!

You going to be around tomorrow? I could use a "Chat". It's been a rough few days and I need a diversion. LOL

Myrna said...

Since I picked up your Mom when she arrived back in Florida I can tell you how much she enjoyed being with you, your family, and Heidi. I must say there is nothing quite like having Mom around to make you know everything will be okay!