Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still Lovin Valentines Day

I am 35 years old and I still get a box delivered to my house every year on Valentines Day from my Aunt Myrna. Yep she has NEVER missed a year of sending her nieces a care package. This package is also from Uncle Harry but Myrna has been doing this way before Harry came along. I have to tell you all this because I may be 35 years old but it is so cool to get these packages. This year I got some jewelry and candy and on the box it says "will you be my Valentine". David cracks up because "The Mott Family never did anything like this" Ok whatever so you get gifts so just simmer down there.

Sending the Mott Family Valentines gifts can be quite the project with 6 kids and all. Leave it to Aunt Myrna and Uncle Harry to find a special treat for each and every one of us. Oh and please note that in order for there to be no fighting Myrna sends everyone their very own box..well except for the babies and David and I. The house goes crazy when the UPS guy shows up cause we all know what has arrived.

This year though I think word is traveling because there was mass chaos several times. Dolores mailed out some great Valentines, Ray and Sue sent Valentines, The Mannings (our neighbors) sent over a Valentine goody bag that the kids loved and Marcia of course came with her hands full of Valentine bags and lots of hugs and kisses. Best of all..Grandma was in town for Valentines Day and made all of the kids her main priority. She cooked for us all weekend ..whatever they wanted.

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Rachael said...

you have lots of reasons to still be lovin valentine's day!