Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Stress Of Being A Parent

Friday night was a night to remember, but one I would like to forget. We had to call 911 for our little Colin (one of the triplets). Yes it was very scary and this is how it went. BTW..He is currently doing great....

I spent the day with the babies and although they slept most of the day I didnt think much of it because their coughs were heavy and in turn made them tired. I finished a feeding at 3pm and wrapped up Colin and put him in his carseat in the family room. He was snoozing good so I let him sleep. Heidi was home from work, David arrived home and we were going to have an ice gathering..thinking it may be the last one. Heidi stayed inside while I ran a load of hot chocolate and hot dogs out to the ice. I came in and Heidi walked by Colin and said, "Heather look at him, he looks pale" She picked him up and handed him to me. His skin was white and the skin around his eyes was a bit purple. He was very limp and it appeared that he was holding his breath. I called David up from the pond and said "Look at him something is wrong" David started talking loudly to him and he was moving him around, patting him and trying to stimulate him. We were going to take him to the hospital and then David said...just call 911. My heart sank...I made the call and within minutes the ambulance was at our home. They undressed him and got him to cry. We got into the ambulance and off to the hospital we went. The paramedics gave him a breathing treatment in the ambulance. We made it to the ER and they gave him oxygen and another breathing treatment. They swabbed his nose to test for the dreaded RSV virus. The results came back positive. They admitted him and he continued to, what I call "forget" to breath or what they call apnea. It went on thru the night and they tried a c-pap machine and it still wasnt working as well as they would have liked. At 7:00am they put him on a ventilator. He started to run a fever so they put him on antibiotics, took several blood tests, cultures, chest x-rays and did a spinal tap. All of the tests are coming back good or negative so that is good. The fever could just be from the RSV. It appears that he will be on the ventilator for 24 to 48 hours and then they will ween him off of it. We are experiencing the scary virus that everyone warns you about with infants.

Finn and Declan visited the pediatrician again today and they appear to be improving. The assumption is that all 3 of them have RSV but it affects each kid differently. Finn and Declan seem to be on the up swing of getting better while Colin, who got a good bill of health on Thursday went downhill fast. Apnea or the stopping of breathing is very common for RSV. While you and me both are scared at this time it is reassuring to be here at the hospital and hear the doctors and nurses tell me that this is a "Mild" case and that severe cases are very regular here. Colin is a "Mild" case...good lord what does a kid look like who is a "Severe"case. I inquired as to how they got RSV and the answer is very interesting. These comments below all came from the doctor and the great nurses that have taken care of us here.

RSV is a virus that most people get. You would be surprised at how many children and adults get it. By the age of 2 there are certain antibodies in most kids that show they have had RSV. Children and adults handle it like a rough cold. Infants who get it have a harder time because the secretions are so thick and their lungs are so small that their little bodies just have a hard time. RSV can live on your clothes for up to 6 hours and can live on surfaces just as long. It is very contagious and it can affect each child differently. Apparently all of my boys are handling it differently. Colin is struggling with the apnea, Finn is coughing badly and Declan is coughing so hard that he throws up if fed too much. My older kids all have gone thru some colds in the past several weeks with running noses, coughs etc.

I have hand sanitizer all over my home and ask that the older kids not hold the babies for now, but it looks like the virus slipped thru. The doctor said that it is hard not to pass on colds/virus when you have school kids and infants..(and so many kids too ..haha) There is no "bright side" to this story but at least Colin is building up his antibodies.

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Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry you went through all of that! How absolutely terrifying! I'm so glad that everyone is improving now. Hang in there...