Friday, February 6, 2009

What It Takes To Have Sick Kids...

TGIF... It has been a long week but we survived. Let me begin with...triplets are no problem until they get sick...Thank god for a great husband and thank god for my sister Heidi...3 babies and 3 sets of hands.

On Tuesday the trips started getting more congested and by Wednesday I had decided to take them to the doctor. They were all pretty congested and the doctor noticed some heavy breathing and lots of buggers. They did not have fevers, they were eating fine and sleeping pretty well so the doctor asked to see us on Thursday to see if they were improving. Declan needs to be seen again on Saturday but other than that I think we are on the road to repair. The doctor couldnt give them anything but he did give me peace of mind.

I am absolutely amazed at just how fast the weeks go by. It feels like it is Monday and now already Friday. Doctor days seem to go really fast. I had to call in the troops to be able to go to the doctor. Nothing is simple anymore. So in order for me to take the babies to the doctor I had to set up the following:
-Called neighbor to see if older boys could get off bus and go to their house until I got home
-Called the school and left message for boys to go to neighbors after school
-Called Dolores to see if she could come by and hang out with Mairin while I went to doctor
-Called Susan,(mom of mairins classmate) to see if she could bring Mairin home from pre-school
-Called another friend Barb to see if she would accompany me to the doctors with the triplets

Upon completion of all of that I was ready to go to the doctor. Oh some of this would have been handled by my wonderful husband but his job required him to spend 2 days in the UP for work. I just thought everyone would get a kick out of the details of what it takes to leave the house.

Last...Notice the improvement in the look of my blog. I wish so much that I could take credit but I need to give the credit to my blogging friend, with triplets, Nicole Odell. She helped me make some changes and came up with my new header. She is so helpful and great.


Anonymous said...

You handle all of these things with such ease - or so it seems to me! I am glad to hear the triplets are okay, but it is hard to imagine what you have to go through to leave the house. Most of us just take that for granted. I am loving Florida, but will not mind being home so I can see all of those beautiful children and perhaps lend a hand.

Nicole O'Dell said...

That's great that you have all of those people to help you when you need it.

you're doing an awesome job!!!

And, your blog looks great! I grabbed your button!

Team Darnell said...

Heather, I continue to be impressed by how quickly your life has returned to such a 'normal' level. I did not leave the house for months. It is great to have a solid support system!

Your new layout is great! How do you do the third column?