Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun Picture

I just couldnt stand it. I had them dressed all the same and I quickly put them in their bumbos and was laughing the entire time. These are the pics that make even me as the mom say...holy crap I have 3 babies. How do I get anything done around here??? How do I keep my sanity? How do I do it? Let me tell you something. I dont have a choice for one. Secondly it really isnt that bad. Maybe since I had twins I go back to those days and I know that each stage ends and a new one begins. Every age has its battles and some ages are easier than others but everyday they are growing, changing and entering different stages. The beauty of having twins and then triplets is that I am able to enjoy the trips a bit more than I did the twins at this age because with the twins I didnt know what I was doing. I have to admit this can be good and bad to know what is coming. I remember the ages so of course I am dreading this summer with these guys because I am a beach girl and an outside girl. Three babies at 6 months of age is a hard age to have fun outdoors. Now next summer will be the best when they are 18 months old.


Rachael said...

i love it. the picture, the outfits, the bumbos, the babyness. i love it all!

Cheryl Lage said...

Seriously, I think "Fun picture" is an understatement! They are WAYYY adorable! :)

Dorinda said...

Sooo cute :) I sort of somewhat miss that age! I don't know - my girls are now 2 and I find it harder then it used to be but I don't have twins too :)

Thanks for sharing the great photo!