Monday, March 2, 2009

A Great Start To March

The schedule is finally starting to work. I am beginning to put the babies up in bed for a morning nap and it seems to be working well. It gives me at least 2 hours to get my daily chores done. I think the biggest challenge is to keep them all on one schedule. Today has already been a great day. Let me tell you why..

Last night David was exhausted so he kindly asked if he could go up to bed early and he offered to come in and relieve me from the 6am feeding. I was ok with that deal. He went off to bed and was asleep by 8pm...If anyone knows my husband you will know that he NEVER goes to bed that early but also he can only sleep for soo long so he knew he would be awake early. He came in at 6:15am and took over. The best part of this whole morning is that when I woke it was 8:15am and the older boys were off to school by the bus, Mairin was ready for school and the babies were all downstairs and were fed and changed. David did the whole morning routine without me. Rock On.......I was on cloud nine when I got up. Will he do it again someday????? I hope so.

Yesterday was also a great day. Heidi took the 3 older kids to Jungle Java for 5 hours while I was able to take a nap, shower and get ready for some company that came over to see the babies. While the company was at our house Heidi made coffee for everyone and cooked dinner. This is the life I can get used to. I may not have formal help that comes in everyday but I have a sister that continues to amaze me with her ability to pitch in and help and a husband who wants to be very involved in the raising of his family.


Rachael said...

sounds like you have a wonderful sister + a fantastic husband.

Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh that's AWESOME!

I've been thinking about you like crazy the past few days. It's just been so crazy as I try to get back into a routine. Today was NUTS! But, I have nothing going on tomorrow so I'm planning to try to connect with you at some point. Hope it works out!

Krista said...

What a wonderful morning. You are lucky to have such a great husband and sister. I love my kids morning naps - the perfect time to get everything done! Good luck with the schedule.

Myrna said...

I know you are the best at getting schedules in place! Good for you. Heidi and David are so good - probably partly because you are so special!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

It's amazing how much a simple nap can do for us. Congrats on such a great day.

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