Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Pats Day

Thanks Marcia for the cool hats that we all wore to school today. It was fun getting everyone up today and handing out the Green shirts. I had to send in treats for Mairin and it was quite a job getting everyone out of the house this morning.

The sun is shining and the water from our basement is retreating back to where it belongs. We had to pull up the carpet and put a bunch of fans downstairs but it looks like we will be back in working action in no time. Yesterday was a fun day. The babies and I took our first long walk. We went 3.5 miles and the stroller did a good job. I guess you could say that it is time to get back out there and move. I gave up my gym membership for now since I really cant imagine trying to get all 3 babies out the door and get them to the gym and dropped off in the daycare. Maybe when they are older we can do that. This particular gym that I go to will call you if your child has a wet or other diaper because they will not change diapers. Well I can just imagine how many times I would get called down and it just sounds like too much right now.

The boys are all signed up for baseball and soccer and they should both be starting in April. This is going to be a very busy spring for us. I am anxious to put my stroller to good use and be able to attend the games and practices.

Today the boys are celebrating being 3 months old. We have survived 12 weeks of triplets. 9 more months left of the "1st year" I say this because when I read other peoples blogs I keep hearing that the first year is the hardest. Honestly I think that once they become mobile is when I will be a wreck. They cant go anywhere now and I kind of dig that. Looking forward to a full nights sleep though so like I have said before...Every age is different and you gain things and you lose them depending on the age. Have a great day


Myrna said...

Your wee little Irish ones look very cute. St. Patrick's Day will probably always be celebrated in a big way at your house with all of your "Irish" children. They look so cute. I can't wait to be home to share months 4 - 12!

marcia said...

The kids look great in their hats---good for you!!A 3.5 mile walk with that stroller??? You REALLY are amazing.

Dorinda said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day a little late :)

With 3 two-year-olds I want to debunk the myth that the first year is the hardest :) I thought it would be - I really did but now they are everywhere! With the tempers and the crying all the time when they don't get what they want... AAgh!!

I don't miss all the carrying and very much enjoy the walking but the rest of it is very hard and very taxing... There, that should cheer you right up :) Enjoy them now when they can't move!!

Uncle Kevin said...

Heather: I cracked up when I saw the pics and only wish I could be there to hang wit my homies. Thanks for posting the updates, I enjoy reading about the adventures of the Mott Family. Ship them out to Cal if you need a break, we'd love to have any or all of them.
Peace out!
Keepin it real.....

Uncle Kevin

P.S. What the heck are the bombles or whatever you called those things you got the trips in?

Nicole O'Dell said...

UGH, I feel like a terrible friend. Forgive me?