Friday, March 6, 2009

Junk Food Fridays

TGIF and it is Junk Food Friday at the Mott house. I have recently adopted this new idea and it seems to be going over well. Every Friday is junk food friday and the kids really enjoy it. On Friday I make sure and pack fruit for their snacks and a pretty healthy lunch because for dinner on Friday we have good stuff. I let them pick usually. It could be pizza, chicken nuggets etc. We also get to have a popcorn party and often I let the big kids sleep downstairs in the basement. They get their sleeping bags out and we pull out the couch into a bed and they can flop and fall asleep to the TV. It really makes for a nice ending to a hectic week. Friday usually brings some neighborhood kids over to share in the festivities and sometimes it is just the Mott's. Eamon especially looks forward to the popcorn party as he says I am the best mom in the world when I pop 2 bags of popcorn.

I am attempting to show and teach them to get excited about simple things and that we dont always have to go all out to have a good time. Many of these ideas come from my childhood. I grew up in a small town so going to a Chuckie Cheeses or out to the movies was a BIG deal and was a rare event. We spent our time ice skating on the lake, 4 wheeling, swimming, fishing or making forts out in the woods. Good solid fun.

Right now we are in between seasons so we cant ice skate on the pond anymore and we cant go to the beach to swim so Junk Food Fridays is a fun thing to look forward to. The kids just discovered that they can continue to play hockey with their roller blades on the driveway. They get off the schoolbus and put on their blades. I set out the snack box and slowly other kids arrive. I love that they are burning energy but I hate what their clothes look like when they come in. I cant seem to find a stain stick that will get all of the "Boy" stains out of their clothes. Oh well with 5 boys I think that is something I will need to come to grips with huh..... Happy Junk Food Friday to everyone


Rachael said...

i love this idea, one day a week where you can indulge a bit. we used to have pizza every friday night when i was growing up, i am thinking that we should do that again now.

Myrna said...

Great idea! You are making so many wonderful memories for your kids. They will remember these activities the most when they grow up!

Molly said...

I love that! And Friday is the perfect day for it. I usually feel like I need some junk food therapy by Friday anyway. :)

Nicole O'Dell said...

I love this!