Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just Another Saturday

Here I am sitting in my family room with a swing rockin back and forth, the sound of the TV in the background and 2 babies just hangin out on the floor. I feel like I always describe the same thing as I feel like I live in this room. I did get a bug yesterday and rearranged the furniture in here. David came home from work and I asked him if he liked it and before he had the opportunity to answer I said "I dont care if you like it...I spend way too many hours in this room and I need a change"...It was funny as he started laughing and said "I didnt say I didnt like it" Maybe I was a bit too quick to respond huh.

Today I ventured out to the mall with the triplets and Mairin. We met up with a friend..Sally and we sat while the kids played in the germ infested playland. I had a great time. The babies were great and I am trying to get used to being starred at and observed. I dont mind the looks I just wonder what people are thinking? Do they look at me and say "fertility" or do they say "crazy" hummm I am just curious. I think with the economy the way it is it really does effect how some people respond. I think the more I go out the easier it will get. I would much rather blend into a crowd rather than stick out with a 6 foot long stroller.

Let me go thru and give you updates on each one of my little angels.

Eamon is my little charming sweetheart. Lately he has been frustrating because he is very unorganized and he tends to lose things. Last week he lost his lunchbox, coat and forgot his homework one night. How do you lose so many things in such a short time? I emailed his teacher and she said that it is normal 1st grade behavior. He is going to drive me crazy. Today though he came up from downstairs where he had spent quite a bit of time practicing his handwriting. He was writing the alphabet over and over again. I was shocked so I asked what is up and he said that Mrs Lydy wants everyones writing to be better and neater. You go Mrs Lydy.
Liam is my shy but also my little leader of the pack here at home. He is very anal and is very detailed about his homework and everything he is supposed to do. His latest thing is that when he gets mad or frustrated he will leave and go up to his room to think about it or he will tell me that he does not want to talk about it. The other thing he does that just kills me is that when I am lecturing him or going on and on about something (you know how moms do) he says to me.."mom I know you already said that and please dont talk to me about that anymore" I look at him and think "WHAT" does this stuff start at 6 years old. He is a sweetheart though. He is reading his chapter book and he takes everywhere with him and I think he is enjoying reading.
Mairin is my talker. I never thought I would have to ask one of my children to just be quiet for 5 minutes. I hate asking her but it does give me a few minutes of peace. She is always talking, singing, yelling or bossing someone around. I feel so bad for these triplets as they are going to get bossed around so bad. I heard Mairin asking the boys today in the car "Hey guys are you into the Jonas Brothers" I turned my head and thought ...what does my 4 year old know about the Jonas Brothers.....Oh wow this is a huge reality check. She is very helpful with the babies and she is always offering to put a pacifier in their mouths. I am soo glad to have a daughter as they are soo sweet and i cant imagine life without her or life without any of them for that matter.


Myrna said...

I love it when you give the updates on the kids. I have to smile when I read about the different personalities. With five boys I am very happy that you have a girl. Mairin is such a sweetheart - even if she talks all the time!

Rachael said...

just keep getting out there...eventually you will learn to just ignore everyone around you. i have gotten so good at it in fact, that i often walk by people i know without even realizing it!