Sunday, March 15, 2009

What A Nice Day

We did it...Yep we took the kids outside for a walk. The sun was finally shining in our wonderful state of Michigan and the temp was a bit brisk..we got the babies out for a breath of fresh air. David says that the air in our house is "Toxic"by the time March rolls around. 9 people living under one roof with the windows and doors closed. Yep sounds like toxic air to me too.

The babies seem to really like the stroller and I will do all I can to get them trained to LOVE the stroller as it is our only mode of transportation at this point.

Let me share with everyone that our little Declan has been sleeping 8 to 9 hours at night before waking up. Now you might say congrats but with multiples it doesnt do me a whole lot of good since I am up anyway with the other 2. I know we are getting there. Currently we have Colin who is the fussiest. In fact I think he is the fussiest baby out of the 6. He loves to be held and is often pretty restless. Once he is asleep though than he is good. Maybe it is just the formula or who knows maybe a bit of just not being happy. I am blessed though with what I have and if a fussy baby is all I have to complain about than I guess my life is going pretty well.

We are getting ready to do their baptisms soon. I am making the arrangements with the church now and we are looking at May. I wonder how this will work. The priest wants to do it during mass. I am not crazy about the idea as I would rather do it after the mass and it just be family. I dont like getting up in front of the entire church and being the center of attention. This should be an awefully big shindig though. I will keep you all updated


Team Darnell said...

I was thinking of you as I posted about my recent trip. One of our stops was in Houston to visit my good friend Heather and her son Declan. I also told her about you and your son Declan.

Congrats on getting out of the house! It's actually already getting hot here in Florida...

Rachael said...

how wonderful to get outside and get some fresh air! i know what you mean about toxic...we came home tonight after being out and i realized our house needs to be seriously aired out!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh, the fresh air is wonderful! The days we get out are the best days! I had the babies out in the sunshine today, too. They soak it up.

YAY for a sleeping baby. the others will come along soon. it starts with one. They seem to follow suit with the others. YAY!!!!

I am home all day tomorrow...let's talk K? I'm going to call you even if I have to do it while I'm in the bathroom. Sometimes it's the only privacy I get. (Just joking abotu calling you then, but you get my drift, I'm sure!)

Myrna said...

I love the picture - what a huge stroller. I know it is getting warm in Michigan and I am seriously missing home and family.