Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All About David

David is my husband but could sometimes be considered just another kid. I have to get after him to put away his socks and to put his dishes in the sink but I still wouldnt trade him for any amount of money.
Disclaimer: For those of you who know David may know a different side of him so I am speaking only of the David that I see. David hates the fact that I am even writing about him but too bad...this is my blog here goes.
We are pushing 10 years of marriage and I am blown away by how fast it has gone. I will say that I did find the perfect man for me. David is an amazing father but more than amazing husband. He has learned my strengths and my weaknesses and he is very good at taking care of my emotions based on these strengths and weaknesses. He is a great provider and most of all I KNOW he is crazy about his family. David does not sweat the small stuff but rather puts a bit of humor into most things around the house.

David is serious when he has to be, firm when the kids need it, laughs when we are all together, loving towards his wife and driven to accomplish a job he sets out to complete. Religion is important to him, ethics are critical and doing what is right is part of his character. David has a passion for reading, a love of nature and an interest in fast cars.

Having triplets and 3 other kids things can get crazy but David always takes everything in stride. He often will not even get changed from work until 8pm because of all of the things he has to do when he arrives home. Last night was a perfect example. David arrived home at 6:15pm and Mairin was waiting patiently to play "Yatzee Jr." with Dad. Once yatzee was played the Boys and Dad sat around the dining room table learning about fractions and money. David never just does the homework, he always expands and takes it a little farther. He got the change out of my purse and used it to do some buying and selling of items for money practice with the boys. Now that homework was completed he moved into the living room with Liam to do their 20 minutes of reading. Eamon headed upstairs with Aunt Heidi for some reading as well. He ended up eating and then sat down in the family room at 7:45pm. I took off upstairs to set out clothes for tomorrow and to tuck kids in. They are allowed to get into bed and read on their own for 20 minutes. At 9pm I left David with the trips and took off upstairs to go to bed. What a night and when I type it out I see just how involved he is and how involved he has to be with all of this activity every night.

My David is the best and I am so lucky that he is mine and that we work so well together. I may be a super woman to some, but he is my secret weapon that most people dont know about.
I know you will read this David so there you go...I love you.

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Myrna said...

What a great tribute to your husband and super dad! You have a wonderful relationship and it shines through in your children. He is a special person and you two are an example for others of how to work together.