Saturday, April 4, 2009

"All About Eamon"

It is pronounced like what you say in church "Amen". Eamon will correct you if you say it incorrectly. He will also flash a smile at you that will melt your heart. I have a hard time getting after Eamon because he has a way that makes me feel guilty. He is the kid that rarely raises his voice so if you get after him he just looks at you and says "ok mom". If I had to pick one word to describe my Eamon it would be "charming". He just has a way about him.

Eamon is a kid that has some social graces that I dont think he even realizes that he has. He has friends and I think people just like Eamon. Eamon has a tendancy to talk a lot at school and often forgets things such as his homework, lunch box etc. David says that he has "work in progress" and that is why he forgets things. School is not nearly as appealing to Eamon as it is to Liam. If you ask Eamon what his favorite part of school is he will say ...Lunch, Recess and going home. He doesnt get mad often but when he does he gets really mad and he is very self conscious about crying so he will do everything he can to hold back his tears. Eamon goes with the flow and I think his favorite things to do right now is playing ice hockey and swimming. Here are my future predictions for Eamon

I think Eamon will be the kid that everyone likes. He will make sure everyone is included. I think he will go with the flow and be very easy going. I see him as a swimmer, runner or even a soccer player. I tend to think the girls will gravitate to Eamon because of his sweet ways. Eamon will always be the kid that I need to stay on top of since he is a procrastinator. If it is play he is all over it but if it requires work than he is not interested. However Eamon turns out I will be proud to be his mom.


Marcia said...

I love, love, love this idea of writing about each of your kids separately. It is so uplifting to read about them and feel the love and awe you have about them! Liam's dimples are wonderful but so are his gorgeous blue eyes!! And, Eamon's so funny and he doesn't even know it-like when he asked me if I called the EMS when we saw them at Burger King:)

Myrna said...

Eamon is truly your charming sweetheart. I think it is very important to him that he please you. What great descriptions of the three older children. It will be fun to look back at these predictions over time.