Friday, April 3, 2009

All About Liam

This entry is dedicated to my sweet little 6 year old Liam. I know that I have 2 6 year old boys but I am only going to write about Liam today. Eamon will get his turn is always fair.

Liam is growing up so fast. He is growing out of all of his clothes and he just seems to be a happy kid. He has learned and mastered picking up and holding a baby. He is very interested in making the babies happy. I love his little polite ways. He starts out his sentences with "Excuse me Mom" He is my anal kid so he is very structured and is keen on a routine. I usually tell him something once and from then on he will do it the same way everytime. The only problem is when you want to switch things up a bit, he tends to lose it momentarily until he realizes the sky is not falling. He is definately the boss of Eamon. He is very good to Eamon but Liam is the leader. Liam loves to help me fold laundry and he is very good at cleaning up his room and hanging up his clothes. He comes across like nothing bothers him but yet inside his feelings get hurt very easy and he can get very emotional. Liam's main goal is to please me. I think he gets a big kick out of helping me and then getting the cudos. He helps dad outside and he sticks with things much longer than the other kids. If he has a job to do he will stay until it is finished.
He is a better reader than Eamon but Eamon is faster at Math than Liam is. I am making a prediction for the future for my Liam.

Liam I am guessing that you will grow up to be a football or basketball player because of your coordination and your speed. I think you will do well in school and you will have many friends. I think you will always consider Eamon to be your best friend and I think you will include him in all that you do. Not achieving perfection will upset you and probably bother you at times and your competitive spirit will work to your advantage in some cases and disadvantage in others. Your dimples will be lady killers and your kind ways will attract people. I can't wait to see you in 10 years but I dont want you to grow up too fast either.


Heidi Hockstra said...

Oh Heather, this is so true! Eamon and Liam are each unique in their own ways and I think it is cool that you take a day and describe each of them! I miss all of the kids already!

Kate and Maya said...

I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I read your blog frequently (I can't remember how I found it). I am amazed and inspired by you.

When I feel overwhelmed by my five month old twin girls, I think of the how well you seem to handle triplets (plus three others)! Your blog has helped me remember to be grateful for each day I have with my girls.

Myrna said...

You are blessed to have such wonderful children and I totally agree with your predictions for Liam. All of your children are sweethearts, but they are very lucky to have a Mom like you!