Monday, April 6, 2009

"All About Mairin"

The name Mairin was decided on because Mairin is supposed to be the Irish version of Maureen. Maureen is the name of my mother and was the name of David's mother as well. (she died several years ago) so we thougth how neat to name our daughter and include both of our mothers in the naming..sort of.
Mairin is definately my little "peach fuzz". I refer to her as this and she loves it. Mairin is very independant and likes to do everything on her own. She is handling the babies like she is a mini mother. I have to be careful what I say or do as she speaks to the boys the same way I do. I feel like she is my little tape recorder being played back constantly. Mairin is into school and asks every it time for school. She can't wait to be old enough to ride the school bus. She loves sleepovers especially with Marcia and Morgan. I love the confidence that Mairin has. She is not afraid of anything and seems to like people. She loves to talk and I think her self concept is excellent. I will encourage Mairin to continue to try new things and meet and play with new people. If I could predict Mairin in the future this is what I would think.

Mairin will be a very active kid. I think she will join in to whatever clubs, sporting teams etc that we will allow her to do. I think Mairin will be able to hold her own in school and I just dont think I have to worry about anyone bullying her. I see Mairin as a very self confident little girl. I look forward to watching her grow up and go head to head with her mother. She already will push my buttons and she does not give up easily. She has already instructed us that she is NOT Mair Mair anymore, she is Mairin.


Marcia said...

Awwwwww how sweet is that?

Brandi said...

Love this idea, and am totally stealing it! I am posting my all about on Friday!

I love Marin. It is such a different yet beautiful name.

Myrna said...

Mairin is exactly as you have described her - a peach!

cat said...

Hallo - discovered your blog today. Our daughter is also named after both her grannies! (Who also happened to have the same name and we also used another derivitive of the original name. Greetings from South Africa.