Friday, April 24, 2009

Continued From Yesterday.....Things that happen when mama is sleeping

So you must read yesterdays post prior to this one or it just won't make as much sense to you.

I get everyone off to school yesterday and then begin my day of Costco and errands. I get a call from my sister at 3:45pm ( this is Heidi who lives with us and her bedroom is directly across the hall from the boys room, my room is at the other end of the hall) Heidi begins with, "Sorry I didnt clean up the puke in the boys room this morning". I said "What are you talking about". Heidi then proceeds to tell me what had happened at 5:40am that morning.

Heidi heard someone get up and run towards the bathroom but heard the dreaded sound that every mother has heard...someone throwing up and it splashing on the hardwood floor. Eamon made it just to the doorway of his room and Heidi got up to see what was up. She directed him to the bathroom. He got sick again and then on his way back to his room the poor little guy slipped on all of the throwup on the floor and landed on his back in the middle of all of it. Heidi was in the midst of trying to clean it up when Eamon slipped so she threw him into the shower and got him cleaned off. Since it was so early, Heidi just got out a big towel and covered it all as she had to get off to work and she wanted the other kids to go back to sleep (who wants all the kids up before 6am...not me) Well now I get up at 7:15 or so and start my day, I notice the towel coming out of the door to the kids room but really I think nothing of it. I didnt smell anything either. So when Eamon came down the stairs and I described him as having food on his face from last night (i think it could have been throw up left over) and the uneven buttoned shirt is because the poor kid had been thru so much already in the morning. I sent my kid to school smelling like vomit and with it on his face. I feel so horrible about the whole event. Eamon never told me that he got sick so when they got off the school bus I said "Eamon how are you feeling and why didnt you tell me that you got sick this morning" he responded with.."I told Heidi".
I am a mom of 6 and I slept thru all of it. Thank god again for Heidi...and thank god for easy going Eamon.


Lani said...

aww. poor little pumpkin. what a trooper though! When I get sick i let the whole town know:)

Nicole O'Dell said...

OMG! That cracks me up on so many levels!

1. that he didn't cry for attention
2. that he didn't try to skip school
3. that you slept through it all

LOVE that Heidi--where can I get one of those?!

Anonymous said...

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Angela said...

This is such a great story! One that will always be told around your family table (well, maybe after dinner).love your blog! And from now on if I see something suspicious on a face, I'll think twice before sending them out the door!!!