Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Group Of Weekly Happenings As A Mother of Triplets Twins and A Single

I like to say my weeks are uneventful but as I sit here and type there are many things that come to mind as to what we have done and what has happened. I have been busy with baseball and soccer practices and games. The boys have uniforms to be washed and ready for game days and stocking up on little waters and snacks can be a handful. David has been the one in charge of the running and attendance to the games. I make sure the kids are fed, dressed and ready to go and David swings in from work..grabs his bag dinner (usually tuna) and off he goes with kids in toe. It can be quite crazy during preparation but than the house is quiet until they all pile in. Last night I took the babies to the baseball game. It was a bit cold so we didnt stay for the entire game but I enjoyed getting out anyway. We also had immunizations yesterday. I have decided that I am going to split up the shots so we are constantly going to the doctor to get 2 here and 2 there. The babies had a bit of a fever last night and I think it was due to the shots.

Today is a doctor appointment for me and then a re-check of Declans toe. I personally think that his toe is fine but the Pediatrician said I needed to get it looked at again. Do you ever get the feel that Pediatrician's are too over cautious? What did people do back in the old days? Oh and yes we are refinancing our mortgage today to so I am meeting with the closer and closing out the loan too. I guess it is a bit of a busy day. Tupperware party tonight at 7pm at the neighbors house so it will be a perfect ending to a Thursday.

I have a funny story again...from none other than my little miss Mairin. We were at swimming lessons the other day and I had to use the restroom so Mairin and I both go in and she looks at me as I am sitting down on the toilet, "Mom, you have a big butt so you dont fall in...right mom"? I totally understand what she was trying to get at but I just cracked up. You wouldn't accept a comment like that from your husband, neighbor, friend or even a stranger but your little 4 year old..makes you laugh.

David is truly a proud dad when it comes to baseball and soccer. I am seeing a side of him that I haven't seen. The boys are really doing well and he is soo proud. I will admit that Eamon is very strong in Hockey so during the winter David couldn't stop talking about Eamon and how good he was. Liam seems to really be doing well in baseball. He is catching fly balls and is batting well. Truth be told, Eamon could really care less but is gaining interest more and more at each game. Eamon gets more excited when his brother does well. He says "Liam I am so proud of you, you did so good". The exercise that they are getting is just crazy and I love it.


Helene said...

Your husband sounds wonderful and so involved!!!! Your daughter's comment was kids have said stuff like that to me too and I find myself laughing and then thinking to myself "why am I finding this's actually kind of insulting"! LOL!

Angela said...

Well, honey! We all have "big butts" then! How cute was that? Glad you're finding "joy" in the moments of your busy day!

Myrna said...

I know Mairin said that very seriously. I could hear her say it and started laughing when I read it. Your boys are both finding their way and where they excel. It is nice that they are not fiercely competitive!