Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If Only I Had More Time

If Only I Had More Time I Would:
-Sit for hours and read every single blog out there that talked about moms of multiples
-Volunteer much more at school
-Spend a day watching Lifetime Movies
-Go out and party really hard and not care about a hangover cause I could just sleep it off
-Be much more organized
-Go back to school to be a nurse
-Make my backyard landscaping..amazing
-Be at the gym everyday for 3 hours
-Meet each of my friends for dinner and conversation more often
-Create amazing scrapbooks for each of my kids
-Take my kids on adventures everyday
-Spend a weekend with my grandma

There are many more things that I would do but why continue to make lists of dreams.. at least dreams for the next couple of years right. I can do many if not all of these things and I think I need to start a list and see if I can accomplish my list

I dont want to sound ungrateful because let me tell you I have one heck of a great life I guess I just wish there were more hours in a day.

Staring at my little ones right now just puts a smile on my face and makes me say "Life Is Good"

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Nicole O'Dell said...

I hear ya! I had to LOL at "sleep it off." Good luck with that one! lol

But, about being a nurse, looks You can do it primarily online.I'm getting my teaching degree through them. It's an awesome program. If you want to chat about it, we can MAKE time for a phone call.