Monday, April 20, 2009

A Tourniquet

Do you know what a "hair tourniquet" is? Well I didn't until Thursday.

We went in for our 4 month checkup and as the doctor is asking me if I had anything...anything at all that I was concerned about..I casually mentioned that I would like her to check out Declan's toe. It is getting infected but I have no idea why. She takes one look at it and says that it is a hair tournacit. A what????? Yep, one of my hairs, from my head, managed to wrap itself around the second toe of my Declan and cut off the circulation. The circulation was cut off and it had cut into the skin all the way around. The doctor got out a bottle of "Nair" and we held a cloth of Nair to his skin for 10 minutes to get this tournacit to dissolve and release. Declan was screaming the entire time because it was stinging as he had an open wound all the way around his toe. We started to look closer and the hair had wrapped around several times and had cut so deep into his little toe that the doctor was surprised he wasnt complaining more in the days leading up to this visit. I was just surprised that this can even happen, but the doctor said that often moms will bring in cranky babies and wonder why and they will sometimes find this on a finger or toe. They gave me an antibiotic and asked me to soak it in Peroxide 3 times a day. I also had to come back again on Saturday.

Saturday morning comes and well it is still red so I take him in. The doctor just isnt comfortable with the way it looks so she orders me to the emergency room at Beaumont where they will page the pediatric surgeon to take a look. (oh god here we go again, a simple appt turning into a full day event) As I am leaving the doctor's office, the surgeon calls back and tells them to have me come to his office, even though it is closed and he will save me a trip to the ER...Rock on I say... We get there and it was a great experience or shall I say the best it could be when they are digging into an open wound with little needle nose tweezers. He numbed it up and dug out yet more of my hair. The biggest issue is that my hair is blond so they just couldnt see it. 15 minutes later I am out the door and on my way home. Amazing how fast the medical world can be if you are lucky. I am definatley writing a thank you note to this surgeon as he saved me the afternoon.

The worst part of the whole story is that the surgeon and I were talking and he was saying that this happened to his son when he was little but that this was nothing compared to when a hair gets wrapped around a penis of a little one. Ouchhh......


Marcia said...

I have never heard of that!! Poor little one..he really has been very calm while dealing with this. Thank God you asked about it!

Nicole O'Dell said...

That exact same thing happened to Megan. Her little toe was so red. :(

I'm so glad it's over for him!