Saturday, April 25, 2009

What A Great Day-My Twin Boys

Today was a great day because my boys really had a good time and it was one of those "father and son's day" Today marked the opening of both the baseball and soccer season. I was the crazy mom that decided to sign the boys up for both. My reasoning behind it is ....everyday at school the boys play their own games of soccer with all of the other boys. They seem to love it and is a rather inexpensive league to sign up for so that is how I came up with that one. As far as baseball goes....spring and baseball just go together and the boys seem to love it. Actually Liam loves it and Eamon can take or leave it. The other reason I love it is that it is a great way to meet other parents and most of the kids all go to the same elementary school. This Franklin Baseball has well over 250 kids that play so it is a fun league.

The morning started with us getting the boys all dressed in uniform for their 10am soccer game with practice starting at 9:30am. Pictures for baseball was in Franklin at 11:30am and then a baseball game at 1:30pm. Sounds like a fun and busy day right. I ended up joining them at 2pm for the baseball game but ended up having to run off the field with my triplet stroller to avoid the "severe thunderstorm warning" that I didnt know was in effect.

We got home, I made lasagna for dinner and life is good. What a nice saturday.


Angela said...

I hope you feel this great 1/2way into the season! You are a supermom! Glad you didn't have to sit thru all the practices! What triple stroller do you have?

Francie said...

Hi Heather! I saw that you are following my blog so i thought i would pop on over and check yours out too! what a beautiful family you have! congrats and welcome to the multiple multiples club! LOL it sure is crazy but oh so fun!