Thursday, May 21, 2009

Couple of Tricks and Tips for Twins and Triplets

I dont want to bore any of those expert moms out there but I constantly have people come up to me and can't believe "how I do it" I thought it would be perfect to share some of my ways. I take the babies for a walk and people will stop me and can't believe I am out and about. I will go crazy if I stay in the house so it is really an outing for me. Well here are a couple of things that I found with my first set of twins that made my life easier and now it is just the way it works in my house.

* Cry it out...Yep I let the babies cry it out when they wake up in the middle of the night. It only takes about a week or so to break the crying and they sleep thru. I do make sure that they are ok by checking on them but my rule is "do not pick them up". The triplets are now sleeping at least 10 hours at night and often 12 hours. They occasionally wake up in the middle of the night and I just let them go for at least 15 min. and by then they have usually gone back to sleep.

* Self Sufficient Mornings...I learned very early that I hated having to get up in the early morning with my little ones (not the babies). I began putting their breakfast bars on a low shelf so they could reach and I put their sip cups on the lowest shelf in the fridge. I also left the TV tooned into their station. They get up, get their bar and sip cup and go relax in front of cartoons. They know that they need to quietly go downstairs and wait for mom to get up and then I can help them with cereal or anything else they want or need. It buys me at least an hour. This was really great before we had the triplets but now I seem to be up anyway with the babies.

* Bedtime is Bedtime...David and I never waivered on this one. We put the older kids to bed by 8pm every night unless it is a special night. They tuck themselves in and there is no negotiating. Their treat is to read in bed for 15 to 20 minutes. I put a clock in their room so they know how long they can read and the clock is handy for the mornings as well, when I tell them that it has to be at least 7am before they can get up.

* One Dinner Meals...I cook one thing and everyone eats it. There are nights when the kids dont eat a lot but it has also made them better at trying new things. I have too many kids to cook different things for each kid. Mairin still struggles with this the most since she is the picky one but I always make sure there is something she likes.

These are all I can come up with at this time but I will add to this. There are days when having multiples is tough but there are so many times when having multiples has been an advantage. Eamon and Liam (twins) are best friends. They rarely come up and say that they are bored. They are like having a live in playdate. They entertain themselves and most of the time just love being together. I find that Mairin, who is a single, demands more of my time. When the boys are gone she will want to stay right next to me. I am very curious to see how well the triplets get along when they get older. I just hope that the "3" factor doesnt play a negative role and leaves one out.


Helene said...

We have the same philosophy on how to handle life with multiple multiples!! At first, I felt so guilty about the whole CIO thing but when I finally realized it was actually working, it was a Godsend! I also do the one meal at dinnertime....I am SO not down with fixing everyone their own meal. It's either eat it or go hungry.

You have me completely intrigued with the self-sufficient mornings!! I'm not sure if my big twins, at 4 yrs old, would manage okay without killing one another. Maybe in a couple years....I'm really liking that idea!!!

Lani said...

Great tips, I will remember those!

thebestthingscomeintwos said...

Great tips! I just found your blog through Multiples and More. I love it! Your triplets are just a few days younger than my twins! I know its old news, but YOU ROCK for those birth weights! Congrats on a beautiful family and I'll look forward to keeping up with you clan!