Friday, May 1, 2009

Friends, Tupperware & Neighbors

This has been an eventful week for me..yes me...this blog is about me today. I am not even going to mention my kids. Kids..what kids???

Monday started with baseball and then on Tuesday I went out to dinner with my neighbor Jeanine. I have not gotten together with her in a long time. We had a great evening and she was very helpful in talking about a trip that I need to plan for my husband and I this summer. (she is a travel agent). She lives across the street from me but I just don't see her enough. Wednesday during the day I got a call from my dear friend Sally and she came over for the afternoon with her daughter. The girls played and Sally watched the babies while I went for a walk. The house got a bit crazy later on in the day. The boys got off the bus at 4pm and had a friend with them so we had my 6 kids here, a friend and Sally's 2 kids. Quite a house full. I had fun with my girlfriend here for the afternoon. Thanks Sally. Last night my other neighbor had a tupperware party. ( I have never been to a tupperware party) It was great. The lead lady was perfect and I had a ball. I really want to have a party but honestly I think I have burned every friend out of "parties" How many candle, jewelry etc parties can you have in a lifetime. I used to hate being invited to these parties but last night I was looking forward to it. The group of ladies were very nice and I ended up staying over and chatting with my neighbor Audra until midnight. Am I crazy??? Not at all..just had a good chat with a friend. I cant believe I have never been to a tupperware party...ohhhh they have such fun stuff to buy....

I came home and chatted with my husband until 1am and here we are now on Friday and I bet it will be a mild night tonight. I have most of my work done for the day so we can proceed with an easy dinner since it is "Junk Food Friday"

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