Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just Another Day In My Life

This has been a bit of a busy week. I am planning a rather large baptism for this upcoming Saturday evening. I was surprised that the Catholic Church offered a Saturday night option. I am inviting all of our families...just 50 or so people. I am having help making all of the food and hopefully everything goes over without a hitch. I have been fielding calls of ..what can I can I help? Everyone is so kind but I keep saying ...just come and enjoy. Myrna, Heidi and Mom are the ones that are bringing things and helping out. I am going to leave Aunt Myrna in charge of the kitchen.

This is a crazy week for baseball and soccer. It seems like we are gone nearly everynight but I think this is only the start of many years of sporting events. Mairin went with Heidi and I for her first official haircut last night. I have trimmed her hair but figured I needed to take her for a "first" haircut.

Monday night was baseball and they lost, last night David had to go in front of the Bloomfield Township review board to see about getting a variance for the shed we want to put in our backyard. David took Eamon and Liam in hopes of making it a learning experience, if you will. Tonight David has a meeting for the Lone Pine Association (our beach club) and hopefully someone will nominate him to get involved. We spend a ton of time down at our beach and how perfect would it be for David to hold a board position. Thursday night I think I am going to meet up with my friend Sally and Friday night is baseball again. The week is booked with all kinds of fun stuff. Saturday am we have a soccer game, baptism at 5pm and rounding out the weekend with a birthday party that the boys are invited to on Sunday.......

Oh let me just say that the babies rock....12 hours of sleep baby. Yep they are consistantly doing the 7pm or 8pm until 7am or 8am........Life is good

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Heidi Hockstra said...

You have always seemed to do so well with getting babies to sleep. I am so happy that they are sleeping through the night for you.