Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Some Pictures of Triplets..Twins and A Single

This is my Colin (the oldest of the triplets) and lately he has been so handsome. He has gained some weight which has filled his little cheeks out better. This is the one that spent 7 days in the hospital for RSV in February.

Mairin and Finn. Mairin wakes up every morning and wants to play with the babies and make them laugh. She is a little mother and the babies just laugh and laugh at her.

They all look startled as I stand over the top of them and take these pictures so I rarely get the good smiles. It is tough getting 3 babies to do what you want them to do in a picture.

Here are my baseball dudes. Eamon and Liam are playing baseball and soccer this season and they have mom and dad running crazy. Who decides that little boys need "white" pants as their uniforms. I need to buy stock in oxy clean.


Myrna said...

Beautiful pictures of your kids. I want some copies!

Sally said...

such handsome young men!

Marcia said...

Love the new pictures!!! Adorable!!!

Amber said...

I just found your blog and wanted to tell you how cute all of your kids are. We also have a Declan. Our triplets will be 11 months old.

Kelly said...

LOL! We have white baseball pants issues too...at least there is bleach! :) Your kids are all beautiful and I love all of their names! Very sweet!!